Here’s your Sign: Real Life Comedy

Now, I don’t know if you see the humor right off the bat, so let me help you with it as the thought seriously cracked me up.  
I saw this sign in Arkansas as I turned down a side road.  The reason it cracked me up is that in order to have a NEED for this sign, there had to be a multitude of people who thought it was perfectly safe to drive over a road that was under water.  In my head, a couple of inches of water doesn’t really qualify to need something like this.  Given that on either side were flat fields, I can imagine that it gets up occasionally, and some intelligent person decided to drive their truck, car or whatever across a couple feet of water.  Hence the sign.  Cracked me up when I saw it.  
Hope it makes you smile too!

Originally posted 2013-03-13 05:00:00.

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