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Wordless Wednesday.. Not so silent!

UntitledI hope you’ll excuse my absent as of late. We’ve been a little busy welcoming Little Miss into our lives. She was born with a congenital heart defect and has had heart surgery but is on the mend now. She will have others down the road. We are sitting at over 2 months in the hospital right now and it has been quite a stressful roller coaster! We are praying she will be home soon and things will get back to the new normal at the Zoo!

In the meantime, prayers would be fabulous! We’ll be getting some great giveaways up soon so keep an eye out for us! Will share some adorable photos to keep you smiling today!

Enjoy our Not so Wordless Wednesday!

20150302_110038 20150224_150710 20150222_170014 20150303_141952 20150302_133112

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Time for Shopping Fun with Family

IMG_5005 IMG_5011 IMG_5077 IMG_5073 IMG_5072

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Winter Fun 2012 #GreatDane and #Snow

IMG_3284 IMG_3281 IMG_3279 IMG_3280

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Beautiful Fall Colors: Our Backyard View





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Wordless Wednesday Random Carnival Pics

IMG_4716 IMG_4683 IMG_4626 IMG_4617

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Outdoor Fall Decor

Click on it to see the scary Hay Tractor Driver.  😀  20131027_180556

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IMG_4660 IMG_4659 IMG_4658 IMG_4657 IMG_4656

Not gonna lie, I’ve reached an age where the tilt a whirl made me sick.  Joy.  But the kid had fun so it was totally worth it!

Got any great fair/carnival memories?

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Life is Fair #TulsaStateFair





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#TulsaZoo Animal Pics!

IMG_3541 IMG_3542 IMG_3543 IMG_3545 IMG_3526These are the last of our animal pics from the Zoo.  I hope you’ve enjoyed them!  Search Tulsa Zoo in our search bar on the upper right hand side if you’d like to see the others!  Thanks for taking the time to check us out!!!

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Naked as a Jaybird

IMG_3527 IMG_3530 IMG_3534 IMG_3535.

Well, perhaps not naked but it got your attention.  LOL.  Enjoy

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