#TulsaZoo: Tiger, Seals & a Gator

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Originally posted 2013-09-11 07:17:59.

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2 thoughts on “#TulsaZoo: Tiger, Seals & a Gator”

  1. I feel like an “Oh, my” should be said after your title. 🙂 I’m from Oklahoma, but I’ve never been to the Tulsa zoo. I enjoy going to zoos and seeing the different animals. How else are you going to see a gator in Tulsa. Hope you had a fun time!

    1. I was very tempted to put ‘Oh My’ there! LOL. I’m an Okie too. 😀 The Tulsa Zoo is great, you really should check it out!!! In the winter they do free days when the weather hits a certain low. 😀 Not as many of the animals are out but it’s free! Plus, you can check out the tropical exhibit and stay warm! It’s beautiful in there! You should check it out sometime! I want to go to the Aquarium too. I haven’t seen it yet!

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