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Iesodo Children’s DVD’s

Iesodo DVD Review & Giveaway Ends May 20th USWhen I was a kid, I remember watching animation like this at my Granny’s house.  Although I doubt the animation was nearly as advanced, the quality and message were similar.  The joy and lessons I took from them will never fade and I have wondered as an adult if children were getting these types of messages today.  I’m glad to see that they are and hope these types of animated cartoons become increasingly popular.

Iesodo (pronounced Yay-Sa-Doe) is an adorable series that helps to teach children about the Way.  Adorable little birds tell stories, sing and teach meaningful lessons.  The stories are realistic, touching and have moments that made even the grown up in me giggle.  The songs, of course, are fun and full of smiles too.  There is something special about songs that warm our hearts and seek to give happiness.


A beautifully crafted animated series to help teach children the Way of Jesus

Los Angeles, California- Iesodo (YAY-sa-doe) is a highly acclaimed
Telly and Accolade Award winning series featuring a cast of animated
birds who live in a Cypress Tree on the shores of Galilee.  Presented
with cutting edge imagery, Iesodo, which means “The way of Jesus”, is
a wise and gentle dove that gives an allegory to the stories and
messages of Jesus with “solid biblical teaching.”
(American Family Journal). With each and every story, he and his
lovable feathered friends “present the essence of the Gospel of Jesus
Christ in a winsome, compelling way” through music and adventure

Zaya Toonz and Rollman Entertainment, the animation companies behind Iesodo,
assembled a collaboration of experts with experience in both the children’s
and Christian markets.

“Children learn and sometimes even emulate the actions and personalities of loveable animated characters such as Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse, and we want them to do the same with Iesodo,” said executive producers Jared and Natalie Hankins. “The Iesodo character is a representation of Jesus, and the stories shared throughout each episode are based on Jesus’ teachings.  They are universal principles we hope all parents wants to instill in their children, such as loving one another, conquering fear, sharing and being kind.”

Directors for the series include Brian E. Ray whose credits consist of Muppet Babies, My Little Pony Tales and Ed, Ed, and Eddy, as well as Colin Brady, whose credits include Toy Story, Toy Story 2 and A Bug’s Life. Brady also served as the former animation supervisor for Pixar Animation Studios. Producer Eric S. Rollman, President/CEO of Rollman Entertainment, formerly served as President of Production for Fox Kids and Marvel, and writer/producer Rob Loos is an Emmy Nominee and writer/producer for McGee and Me! Christmas Lamb, Kids 10 Commandments and Touched by an Angel. The Iesodo series also features the voice of Erin Bethea (Fireproof, Amazing Love) as Maggie.

Capitol Christian Distribution, the market leader in Christian and Gospel music distribution, as well as chart topping Christian films and books, distributes the Iesodo DVD series, which can be purchased at Christian retail stores, Walmart and Amazon.com. For more information on Iesodo, visit http://www.iesodo.com.



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