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New Illustrated Story Bible- God With Us: A Journey Home

Illustrated Story Bible that isn’t just for kids, regardless of what it is marketed as!

It’s always hard to know what to write about books such as these. Their great to help spread the Word, I can talk about the illustrations and writing and that’s about it. This one, though, is a little different. The illustration style, the chapter length and the way it’s laid out definitely makes it a more favorable choice for morning beginnings!

“Why Morning Beginnings,” you ask?

If you haven’t learned by now, maybe this will be of help. No judgement, I still struggle with it. Whatever we start our day with really has a strong affect on how our day goes. Not that a good beginning will always mean a good day but it definitely shapes our attitudes when not so good things occur.

As soon as I started writing that, I was reminded that I need to get back to making a Bible study and prayer the beginning of my day. Things are always better that way. I love how God reminds me of things, just the way a stubborn little brat needs it! (Talking about myself, just so we’re clear.)

God With Us: A Journey Home

If you’ve read anything about our losing our baby, then you know I’m definitely ready to make my way to our Heavenly home. So the title of this book sort of got me in my feels, if ya know what I mean. So, forgive me for my distractions throughout this post. It took a while for me to be able to open the book. I’m broken. Or rather, I’ve got some serious scar tissue.


I wish that it wouldn’t be plagiarism if I posted the Word of Welcome from the book. It is so beautiful and it brought tears to my eyes. It’s also inspiring. Whatever judgements I had made about who this book might be good for, has been thrown out with this one page.

It’s supposed to be a book for children, I had previously though perhaps pre-teens and ages 8+ but I feel like it would be a great way to do a unique Bible study. The author takes us from the beginning in Genesis to the end of the book (Revelations) but it doesn’t end there, because God’s work didn’t end with the last of the Bible. There’s a reason we call it the ‘living word.’

This illustrated story Bible is one everyone needs to read through and study with, at least once!

What I’m Loving

The Insights…

The author offers insights as to how and why he wrote the way that he did. He points out that his approach throughout the book was to ‘inspire children’s hearts to courage‘ and inform them of ‘cosmic dangers.’ I appreciate how that was written and that Jeremy Pierre even took the time to share that thinking with us.

The actual story part, past the author’s sections, begins with a welcome from the two angels who are telling it. It is both entertaining and touching, perfect to keep attention. I also love that the illustration at the end of their introductory section is of them starting to help turn the page. That’s just adorable and creative!

Each chapter begins with a title, a scripture selection and an inspiring, related scripture followed by the story in a more youth friendly form. Youth friendly does not mean, in this case, that it’s an easy to read for small children. Little ones and new readers would definitely need some assistance sounding out the words but they’d be able to

I’m loving that the images are reflective of various skin tones. It’s important to me that we acknowledge such things, especially that those who lived in the desserts would have not had fair skin. Having fair skin, common sense dictates that they’d burn in the bright sun of the dessert, reflected from the hot sand.

God With Us: A Journey Home

Check it out and add it to your shopping list!

Disclosure: Many thanks to Shepherd Press for providing this product/product information for review.  Opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation.  I did receive the product in exchange for this review and post.


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10 thoughts on “New Illustrated Story Bible- God With Us: A Journey Home

  • Dana Rodriguez

    This sounds like a great book. I can see why it would be great for any age.

  • Sandy C.

    I think this would be good for me. Devotionals intended for kids always seem to resonate with me more. And like many others, it’s time to get back into starting my day with the Word – I also have some scar tissue that refuses to heal.

    • Hey Sandy, I totally get that! I think it’s the innocence of them that allows us to let go of our scars enough to really listen for God to speak. My scar tissue is being particularly stubborn as well. One day at a time. God will get us past our scars.


    The books are lovely. The cover artwork is very impressive.

  • Pamela

    This sounds like a wonderful book/devotional to read with my grandchildren. It was very interesting to read about the author and illustrator as well. I’ll definitely add this to my “need to read” list.

  • Maureen

    What a wonderful way to bring a child and even an adult into the word of God.

    • For sure! I love the id3a of using as a devotional!

  • Ken Ohl

    This Looks like a wonderful book I think reading this with my little niece would be a great experience

  • Leela

    This would be perfect for all my kids. They love bible stories.

  • Dorothy Boucher

    Great video and sounds like a wonderful! book to read.


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