Journal: Feed Your Soul 365 Days @ellieclairegifts

Journal: Feed Your Soul 365 Days @EllieClaireGifts

A journal can have a serious impact on life. Where the mind goes, the soul follows. These will help you to feed your soul with  the right ‘nutrients’ for a better life.Journal: Feed Your Soul 365 Days @ellieclairegifts

Ellie Claire does it again! If you didn’t see my post about Finding Your Peace with Ellie Claire Journals, I highly recommend it! Those journals bring so much peace! Even if you missed it, or they just weren’t for you, we’ve got more that may be up your alley!

365 Day Devotional Journal

Each journal starts us out on January 1st and takes us through the entire year a verse, a short story, and a prayer. However, they do not serve the same purpose and they do not have the same content. Each one is meant to help us in different areas. All are worth focusing on.

The Earth is the Lord’s & Everything In It

Journal: Feed Your Soul 365 Days @ellieclairegiftsOut of total favoritism, this one goes first. There is something about the beauty of peacocks always captures my attention. One thing I love about this one is that there is simply enough room to journal what speaks to you in the moment just spent with God. This gorgeous journal guides us to “embrace His nature by taking the time to stop, notice, and connect, our hearts are encouraged and souls refreshed.” Perhaps it is my love for nature and God’s creation, but this one is definitely the one I love most.

Peace Begins With Me

Journal: Feed Your Soul 365 Days @ellieclairegiftsDone in the same style as the previously mentioned journal, this one is slightly different. It gives you a little more space to journal than the first. It, too, begins with a scripture, then a story and prayer. This journal contains different scriptures and such as it focuses on inspiring you to find peace through praise.

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Journal: Feed Your Soul 365 Days @ellieclairegiftsLife is busy. Who would have thought? I’m sure yours is totally calm and not at all chaotic… For those of us who feel like we are running around in circles, it’s perfect. With meditations to help us stop, each short devotion reminds us to focus on what is truly important. This journal gives you a positive moment to spend with God, to focus on Him, and strengthen your trustthrough your relationship with Him.

Journal: Feed Your Soul 365 Days @ellieclairegifts

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