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Adventures of Pajama Girl & Coronation of the Cupcake Queen

Pajama Girl and her adventures! So much fun she has! Don’t miss this fun story! You’ll love reading it with your little one!Adventures of Pajama Girl & Coronation of the Cupcake QueenAdventures of Pajama Girl

and the Coronation of the Cupcake Queen

Can I just start out by saying that I love the title of this little book and the series!  It sparks such imagination.  What kind of adventure idea will this spark in my little girl’s head?  I look forward to hearing her give out all kinds of dreams and I look forward even more to joining her in acting out all sorts of wonderful little fantasies!  Oh, the magic of special pajamas!  Adventures of Pajama Girl & Coronation of the Cupcake Queen

While the title of the book The Adventures of Pajama Girl is a quite obvious little title, the various adventures she goes on will leave you smiling.  In this particular book, Pajama Girl is joining in the Coronation of the Cupcake Queen!  The adventure she takes to get there will leave you smiling as it takes your own imagination on it’s own ride! This adorable story about her coronation of the Cupcake Queen have your little one giddy with excitement about the story!

The colors and the detail in the pictures keeps even the grownup eyes busy and happy for a good bit of time! My precious baby girl loved looking at the pictures while I read to her. Even at just 5 months old! I miss her everyday and always will.

Adventures of Pajama Girl & Coronation of the Cupcake Queen

To add a little sweetness to your day, when you get your copy of this adorable little book, you also get free activity printables!  You can even get a free set of them to do while you wait for your book to arrive! Free Printable Activity Sheets.

 About the author
Sandra Hagee Parker lives in San Antonio, Texas with her husband, Ryan, and their daughters, Olivia and Elliana — the original pajama girls. A practicing attorney, Sandy is also a part of the music ministry at Cornerstone Church where she and her husband are leaders.

When not working or writing, Sandy enjoys traveling with her family and mastering the art of making Pancakes à la Pajama Girl with her two girls.

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Adventures of Pajama Girl & Coronation of the Cupcake Queen



Hi all! My name is Kaycee. I am now learning to navigate life as a single woman. Turns out, it's not all about husband and children. Who knew? So, I'm on a journey of self discovery. I have 5 children, 3 of which are married, 5 2 are in Heaven (my beautiful baby Acadia Reign and my Diva Princess Tara Elizabeth), and 7 grandchildren! Plus, a ton of fabulous nieces and nephews! My educational background is in Psychology and Child Development but my heart is in ministry, crafts, fun, reviews and my website, My Crafty Zoo. Or at least it was, now I'm learning who I really am, beneath all of the busy family life. It's an adventure to be sure. I look forward to continuing to share my life through word and pictures with you and love hearing your feedback! Thank you for taking the time to read and allowing me to share! I look forward to reading your comments!

2 thoughts on “Adventures of Pajama Girl & Coronation of the Cupcake Queen

  • Laurie Nykaza

    I just love this book. The art work is so cute and colorful and my daughter loves to read so will have to check it out we would enjoy reading it together

  • athena graeme

    This looks like the cutest book! My daughter would love this, must add to my X-mas list!


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