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Passion: Free Music Resources

Passion is committed to producing praise & worship music that reaches the masses. Check out their free music resources

Passion Free Music Resources

Passion does conferences around the country, calling their tour dates worship nights.  I find that quite interesting.  Their website not only lists their music and where to purchase, it goes above and beyond by providing free resources to churches and individuals.  Their site provides chord charts, presenter files, performance video, multitracks and even tutorials for keys, guitar and drums.  I appreciate that they are putting the resources out there so that churches can utilize their music, it’s also a genius marketing strategy.  Of course, that may just be me and my skepticism.

One of the quotes on their site completely grabbed my attention: “We Sing because We’ve Seen”.  I find that absolutely beautiful.  While I don’t sing much anymore, there was a time when I did.  I hope to one day be back to a place in my heart where the pain no longer masks the glories I’ve seen.

People say that one can get back, unfortunately no one ever is able to give instructions on how to get there.  I can’t honestly say that I’ll ever understand how Job was able to keep going, though I do realize one keeps walking for lack of choice.  What I don’t get, is how he was able to keep and increase his love and faith for God.  While I still have both, they are greatly tainted with pain and heartache.

Passion: Whole Heart

Passion’s album Whole Heart is a live album recorded in Atlanta, Georgia at their 2018 conference.  Below are the list of songs on the album.  Be sure and check them out.

01. Whole Heart (feat. Kristian Stanfill)
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02. Almighty God (feat. Sean Curran)
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03. God, You’re So Good (feat. Kristian Stanfill & Melodie Malone)
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04. Reckless Love (feat. Melodie Malone)
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05. Heaven (feat. Sean Curran)
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06. More Like Jesus (feat. Kristian Stanfill)
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07. Hallelujah, Our God Reigns (feat. Brett Younker)
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08. Ghost (feat. Crowder)
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09. Ever Almighty (feat. Melodie Malone)
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10. Great Are You Lord (feat. Matt Redman)
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11. All My Hope (feat. Crowder & Tauren Wells)


Free Music Resources

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Passion: Free Music Resources

If you have any free resources or thoughts to share, please do so below and we’ll get them added to the post!


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