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Snus: History and 8 Interesting Facts to Expand Your Knowledge Base

Snus may be relatively new to many of us, but did you know it’s been around since the 16th century! I’m new to learning about snus so I thought I’d share! It’s always fun to learn new things. We love learning about new things, hence the list of fantasticly random posts on our For the Home and Adulting Pages!

My Great Grandfather us to say that if you stopped learning, you were dead. So, suppose we’re alive since we’re learning something new!

My husband, the king of random facts, finds fun in having a huge knowledge base. I think he can carry a conversation on just about any topic!Snus: History and 8 Interesting Facts to Expand Your Knowledge BaseNote: Image credit goes to NearestSnus.com

What is Snus?

Snus is a moist powder smokeless tobacco. It is placed in the upper lip for extended periods of time. Even though it’s similar to dipping tobacco in America, one doesn’t normally need to spit and it is steam pasteurized. Just like other forms of nicotine, it is addictive.

There are three sizes: mini, normal/large and maxi but the weights of each are not universal across brands.


Snuff was introduced in France by Jean Nicot, who served in the court of King Henry II and recommended it to a queen consort as a remedy for migraines. It became popular for the ladies, fashionable in fact!

It wasn’t long until the trend of using snuff in the nose spread to Sweden. In the 18th century, Swedish manufacturers began making moist snuff that required no spitting which became known as snus.

8 Interesting Facts About Snus

  1. Though untrue, there is a popular myth that snus contains fiberglass. It does not, it’s actually one’s mucus membranes that absorb the free nicotine.
  2. American snus typically has a lower moisture content than Scandinavian snus. It also has significant amounts of sweeteners.
  3. There are 2 types: Loose and portioned snus. Loose is a moist powder packed into a small can for the purpose of pinching it out and placing under the upper lip. Portioned is a prepackaged moist powder in small teabag-like sachets, often with added flavor.
  4. There are forms that contain no nicotine!
  5. The sale of it is illegal in all of the European Union countries except for Sweden.
  6. Portioned snus was not introduced until 1973.
  7. It becomes brown due to the way it is manufactured.
  8. Mint flavored has a slightly stronger tingling sensation.

Check out more on Wikipedia, then come back here and let us know what you found interesting!


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