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Introducing the Next Big Thing! @Splashlings

Introducing the Next Big Thing!
It is a rare occasion where I get a toy and am compelled to open and play with it.  There are many things that look cool or seem like they’d be fun, but I’m not typically tempted to tear the package open and start playing.  I don’t know if it was my love for little thing or for marine life or what, but I couldn’t wait for my little reviewer to be able to play.  I dove in, pun intended, and was as giddy as a little girl for a minute!  Splashlings are going to be the next huge hit, I assure you!  They are so cute and absolutely fun!

Splashlings in the WildOnce my reviewer saw them, she went nuts too!  She is already a fan of some other little playthings but the fact that these were sea life and mermaids was just too much.  She sat for hours.  Being 9, she got the subtle jokes, like the gold fish being gold and the rainbow fish being ‘rainbow trout’ (well, I had to help her out with the trout part), but she thought that was hilarious.  She sat and played so intently that after a little while, I forgot she was there.  Her favorite part was that they had the little shells to sleep in!

Introducing the Next Big Thing!

Splashlings are now available at Wal-Mart and are very reasonably priced.  You’ll definitely be adding them to your shopping list eventually, so get a ton now before they are out!  The only complaint I can possibly think of is that I thought the water ones changed colors and they don’t seem to.  Also that since the fish have the little hole in the bottom so that you can stand them on their stuff, they float upside down.  I really, really wanted to stick one in my Marimo Aquarium (You can see that the mermaid didn’t really work, but I tried, LOL)!




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