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Step Parenting with Grace Devotional

Ever wished there were instructions on being a step-parent?  While there may not be any good ones, this devotional is a great guide for your new journey into parenthood!

Step Parenting with Grace Devotional

Step Parenting with Grace

Having both had step-parents and been a step parent, I know that it requires grace.  A lot of it.  In my experience, a lack of both love and grace can create a life long disconnect.  However it can also be a lifelong friendship with love, grace and patience.

Step Parenting with Grace is a Devotional For Blended Families written by Gayla Grace.  Each devotional is a two page address to a Step Parent related topic and ends with a thought to carry with you throughout the day.

I was absolutely impressed by the range of topics for the devotionals and loved that it addresses some things that one may be reluctant to admit, like jealousy, differences, disappointments, flexibility and so much more.  I can’t tell you how much I wish my step parents would have had this book, perhaps less scars would have been inflicted.

If you are a step parent or know someone who is struggling with their position in their blended family I highly suggest you give them this book.  It is very well written and easy to read while being real and touching.

Step Parenting with Grace Devotional

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About the Author

Step Parenting with Grace Devotional Gayla Grace is both a mom and step mom who has taken her experience, life struggles, life victories, and knowledge to provide resources for those parents and step parents.  Not only does she write, she also does Step Family Coaching, speaking engagements, hosts retreats and even blogs!

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