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Want to Try the BEST Jerky? It’s the One Your Tastebuds Have Been Looking For! @WildZoraFoods @CraftyZoo

I’m not Jerkin you around…

Wild Zora : Best Jerky Around!This Jerky is awesome!


Let’s be real for a minute. Everyone loves some beef jerky. It’s like baseball, the all American snack is beef jerky just as baseball is the all American past time…everyone loves them some jerky. And the variety of flavors, chunks styles and cut sizes a consumer has to pick from. Heck it’s no wonder everyone loves it because there is a kind out there for even the strangest appetites. So I was more than happy to sample so jerky from Wild Zora, and guess what?  I loved it!!

This small family business offers cage free, grass fed jerky to their buyers with a taste that no mass production company can beat! The fact that the cattle are cage free and grass fed means no unnatural nasties hidden deep in under preservatives or disguised by competitor pricings. No this jerky not only tastes amazing but is also so much better in comparison! WAY TO GO WILD ZORA! Thank you for putting a safe yet yummy snack out there for us!

Want to Try the BEST Jerky? It's the One Your Tastebuds Have Been Looking For!

Maybe together we can soon put an end to hidden health cons in our snack foods! Once you try Wild Zora you won’t ever want a competitor’s product!  It’s amazing!  So here’s what I tried:

Wild Zora Jerky Organic, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, No Nuts! No soy! Paleo Friendly! Yum!

Parmesan Beef with Tomato, Basil & KaleHas a fabulous flavor similar to jerky I’ve tried before, except you can’t taste any chemicals.  It’s very fresh!  (But then, all of it seems to be very fresh!)

BBQ Flavor Beef with Tomato, Pepper & Kale: Oh my gosh, I could eat this by the truckload!  Definitely my absolute favorite of all of the flavors!  Seriously, if you don’t try ANY of the others, try this one!  If you like BBQ, you’ll love the pure flavor in this jerky!  (Currently hiding it so I can rashon it out to myself and not let hubby have any, LOL.  Don’t judge, you would do it too!)

Curry Masala Turkey with Dates, Cardamom & Spinach:  While I’m not normally a fan of curry, I really do enjoy this jerky!  I has such a great flavor!  I have a feeling the husband is going to be swiping this one up!

Chili Beef with Kale, Cayenne, & ApricotDEFINITELY HAS A KICK TO IT! If you didn’t gather by the cayenne, let me tell you!  This is the perfect jerky for those that love the hot stuff!  Pretty sure that I’ll be getting this for my Dad and brother come Father’s Day and Christmas!

Mediterranean Lamb Bars with Spinach & TurmericJust gonna be honest here, I haven’t tried these.  Hubby snagged them and has yet to tell me how they are.  Judging by the others, I’m sure they’ll be fantastic!  When he finally tells me, I’ll let you know!

Want to Try the BEST Jerky? It's the One Your Tastebuds Have Been Looking For!

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Chomps Jerky Review

chompChomp’s is a great alternative to the typical beef jerky.  A much better choice, I feel.  The meat from Chomps comes from grass fed beef, it is non-GMO, gluten free, paleo friendly and all natural.  Sounds great but we all know that flavor is the essential requirement, at least for those I know anyway.

Let me tell you the flavor is great!  I was a little surprised at the packaging, as there is an extra layer of plastic protecting the freshness of the jerky.  There are a couple of different flavors, my favorite is the original.  I tend to lean toward the all beef flavor and it’s really good.

Started out of an apartment in Chicago, Chomps was created by Peter and Rashid, with the all important assistance of their wives.  Their mission is to “create the highest quality jerky product on the market” and with 9 g of protein per stick, I think they are well on their way!


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