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Wallet Rescue!!!

Here is a list of marketing schemes and ways to keep your wallet safe!!!

  • Stores use your senses to get you to spend more in various ways!
  • The scent of the bakery makes your stomache growl, which gets you hungry enough to buy more!
  • If you don’t need it, don’t buy it! Two for one deals, or those similar, are only a bargain if you will use the product. If it wastes, you’ve lost money!
  • Even if it’s on sale, if you don’t use that product often, don’t buy it. Otherwise you’ll end up with 10 cans of tuna in your cabinet, knowing quite well you only eat tune every 6 months!
  • Endcaps. Those product displays on the end of each aisle. They often imply something is on sale, but it usually is not. Don’t be suckered!
  • Stick to the outer aisles! Grocers know that once we go down the aisles to find that one thing, we are going to ‘remember’ we needed something else. Don’t go unless you have to. If you do have to, get tunnel vision! Get what you went for and get OUT!
  • Seasonal items are always up front then located in random places around the store. Remember: if it’s not on your list, you DID NOT NEED IT!!!
  • Studies show that music in a major chord sells more than music in a minor chord! Also, slow music encourages you to dawdle, therefore buying more. Beat all the studies: use your mp3!!!
  • Samples: Yummy though they may be, typically if we like a product, we simply buy it without asking the price or trying to figure out if it truly is a good deal! If you like something, write it down and consider picking it up next time! Odds are, you’ll not want it that much!
  • If your bank is in store, you are more likely to buy more as your money is ‘right there,’ so to speak. Avoid this by finding a bank NOT located in your local store!
  • Consider the original prices before you buy ‘clearance’ items. Often ‘sale’ or ‘clearance’ signs are placed simply to get you to buy them!
  • Avoid the in-store tv ads! You are already in a ‘buying’ mood, no need for the temptation to add something in the cart! You know, that ‘it is only $5 more’ mentality! Add up all those $5 more incidents and you’ll be shocked!
  • It’s cheaper to buy whole cuts, such as pre-cooked turkey or blocks of cheese, and have the deli slice it for you. They don’t charge and you can check to see if it’s cheaper than buying pre-sliced meat!
  • Buying meat already cut can cost you up to or more than twice as much! Cut it yourself and save! There are many resources online that will teach you exactly how to cut the meat. A good knife and a cutting board and you are set!
  • Don’t shop hungry!!! If you get there and realize you are, get a cookie and eat it as you shop. That way, you don’t end up shopping with your stomache!!!
  • Weigh the pros and cons of some specials. If you have to buy 10 of something you don’t need, then you may not really be saving. BUT, if you can store them without them ruining and it’s something you need, evaluate your purchase… Also, remember that oftentimes you don’t actually have to buy a certain amount to get that price! You can find this out at the customer service desk or through an employee.
  • Make sure you watch the register as things are rang up. There have been times, most recently at Wal-Mart, when I was charged for items I didn’t purchase!
  • Check the ‘Manager’s Specials’. Often they aren’t yet past the safe zone of food. If they are used quickly or immediately frozen.
  • When you are ready to go to check out, double check your cart! Those items that you picked up but don’t really need, get rid of them!!! Don’t buy them!!! There is a reason they weren’t on your list!!!
  • Candy and impulse items are at the front for a reason! They tempt you while you wait in line to check out. Find something to do while you are waiting that doesn’t involve looking around! Work on your to-do list, play with your phone, something! Just keep your eyes off the shelves!


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  • Good tips. I am a total impulse shopper! Thanks for linking up with DIY under $5!


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