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Website Writing: Ten Tips on Creating Fantastic Content Everyday!

What is good content?  There really is no set definition and it’s completely subjective based on what our readers want to look at, have time to deal with, and feel the desire to share.  We can’t control it in any way.  We are completely at the mercy of the whim of our beloved readers.  It’s easy and tempting to throw your hands up in the air pretty quickly, but don’t give up!  After some work, research and practice you’ll find yourself writing those articles that create repeat and active readers.  In the meantime, and for all times, don’t let that stop you from writing about things you enjoy.

This post will help you get on track to creating amazing content all the time, driving readers and customers to your site daily!

As bloggers and website owners, we all know that it’s hard work, it takes constant dedication, and an insane amount of creativity and a tolerance for annoyances so be sure and write articles you enjoy writing, at least from time to time.  My absolute favorite posts on my site are those I’ve written about psychology like this one on overcoming depression.   It came from my heart, was well researched and I find it well written.  It is not, however, one of my most viewed pages.  That’s okay.  I wrote it for me, I enjoyed it.  If it helps one other person, that’s enough for me!

Content Marketing for small businesses is essential whether you are a blogger, have an online store, or even a local business.  In order to stay relevant and attract attention, one must stay ahead of the curve.  If you ever figure out how to do that, by all means come back here and let me know!  I’m typically more of a haul butt around the corners and hang on kind of girl!  So in my ever evolving quest of self-improvement, both personally and for this site (check my post about domain authority and SEO), I’m putting together a post full of content marketing tips.

Whether you run a Lifestyle Blog, Parenting Blog, Wedding Blog or a brick and mortar business, we all have one thing in common: an Achilles heel made up of a balance between what they want and what gets their attention.   A fantastic marketing campaign can make us, break us or keep us on the bench but even the best marketing can’t save us if our content doesn’t draw people in and bring them back for seconds!  So, with that in mind I’ve brought you a top ten list, because everyone loves those, right?

Ten Tips on Creating Fantastic Content

I must note right now that I was on a role with this post, right up until I got to the point of the article.  Then my brain started going into the land of random thoughts.  Ugh.  I hate that land when I’m working.  Okay, back on topic….  Well…..  maybe just a quick break  THEN back on topic…  I swear….

More coffee….  That’s what I need….  Check out this totally irrelevant video I took on our trip to Silver Dollar City Attractions and the Branson Showboat.  That should keep you entertain long enough for my content brain storm!

Okay, back on track….

Let these tips help get you on track to creating content that everyone wants to read!

  1. Be bold!  Click bait is crazy effective in getting people to come to a website, though often it is not enough to keep our readers interested.  However, talking about content that will touch on our reader’s passion is always a good idea.  No matter what side of an issue your opinion lands on, it’s going to be controversial.  One doesn’t have to offend or alienate anyone in order to discuss challenging topics.  There will always be someone who passionately agrees or disagrees with you, it’s nice to hear everyone’s varying point of view.
  2. Do your Homework! It’s a bit easier to know what will be well received if you are a niche blogger or business.  A local bakery sharing some tricks of their trade is going to be a great way to both drive traffic and attract customers.  After all, who better to get tips from than a delicious baker and how could one not be attracted to patron a business who cares so much about their customers that they are willing to help them out.  I’d certainly be more likely to go to that bakery to try them out the next time I needed a delicious treat!  However, if you aren’t a niche business or website, then it’s time to get to your homework.  There are tons of ways to search for what’s being searched the most in order to find something your audience would not only be interested in, but is likely already looking for.  You could even spend some time checking out what’s trending on Pinterest!  That’s what I call fun homework!
  3. Be transparent! While it is possible to sit on the fence and get an engaged audience, as readers and visitors the majority of us would prefer to know where an author stands.  It helps to encourage a feeling of community to know where someone stands.
  4. Photo Identification: Be sure and put a good description in the alternative text of the image. After all, algorithms aren’t eyeballs reading your pictures!
  5. Photo Placement: Don’t put the photo at the beginning of your post. Those pesky algorithms are known to skip over pages that start with a picture as they are harder to classify.
  6. Keep It Simple! Don’t write super long paragraphs.  It’s easier to read a short paragraph than a long one and people are more likely to stick around for an enjoyable read than a labor intensive one!
  7. Writer’s Block? We’ve all ran into that wall at some point (as in my insane distraction above).  If you are stuck, search for writing prompts.  They will not only force you around your blockade, but they may also inspire some fantastic post ideas!
  8. Keep a Running List. I have a tendency to some up with ideas for posts at the most random times, make yourself a list and grab something off of it every now and then to mix things up!
  9. Get off your butt! (or on it technically) When you have a minute, write!  Whether it be on paper or the computer just write.  You can add it to your site anytime, but the inspiration gold may not stick around that long!
  10. Have fun! While blogging and coming up with content is a job, make sure you enjoy what you are doing and writing about!  It will reflect in your writing and your readers will appreciate it!

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