Roma Downey’s Little Angels Prayers for Every Day Review and #Giveaway #RealRomaDowney

Praying is such a personal thing, our own personal talk with God where we know He is listening to us, the Bible says he hears our cries.  I know that praying is something I’ve always done, but I don’t remember being taught how to do it.  I am fairly certain that I probably learned at the table with my parents and grandparents, as well as by watching my Pa-Pa, who is a preacher, pray every Sunday.   Regardless of how I learned, I am so very thankful that I learned how to do so.  I’ve spent many times crying out to God in prayer!
Roma Downey has written an adorable children’s book of prayers, “Roma Downey’s Little Angels Prayers for Every Day.”  It is amazingly adorable and full of short little prayers that can be the beginning of teaching little ones to pray, not just for mealtime and bedtime, but also for other times.  The book includes prayers for praise, guidance, help and more.  They are short and sweet and a great beginning to helping your little one learn to talk to God.  I really think it is adorable!
The book has over  50 rhyming prayers covering a variety of worries for children.  There are also Bible verses throughout the book.

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  5. i thank god for this day

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  7. My parents taught me to pray! I want to teach my daughter to pray as wel, through bedtime prayers.

    Lolli S

  8. I like how much god loves you

  9. entered your NAAT giveaway

  10. like their my grandma and I book

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  12. How much does God love you book

  13. My mom taught me to pray before bed each night. I also learned to pray in school.

  14. I like the book: How Much Does God Love You?”

  15. We’re starting with rhyming songs until shes old enough to think of/vocalize what to pray for

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  19. I was able to figure it out and find the video by clicking on the video in your post. I liked the video 🙂
    I apologize for causing any confusion.

    Lolli S

  20. Link to youtube video did not take me to video.
    Lolli S Please remove my youtube video entry or send me the correct link. Thank you.

  21. The Story of Easter Activity Book.

    Lolli S

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  23. I like the Grandma loves You book for my grand kids/monkeys. 🙂


  24. I entered The Hobbit, Nim’s Island, Bible Companion


  25. I really like the prayer bears for helping your children learning to pray. Also, it helps sometimes if you start and let them finish the prayer.


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  28. I would love the etched upon my heart. thankyou, ken

  29. sunday school and my grandpa taught me to pray. thankyou, ken

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  31. I learned to pray in Sunday School.

  32. I like the book – I Thank God for This Day!

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  35. I entered the Bible series Walmart giveaway

  36. i learned to pray from my parents and growing up in Sunday school. I have taught my little ones that they can pray any time and all the time…they can have an ongoing conversation with God because He is always listening!

  37. Sweetpea Beauty and the Princess Party! anything veggie tales my little monkeys enjoy!

  38. Sweetpea Beauty and the Princess Party! anything veggie tales my little monkeys enjoy!

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