2017 Grizzly Bear Silver Coin: No Risk, Tax Free Investments

The 1.5 Ounce 2017 Grizzly Bear Silver Coin is stunningly beautiful!  I love it and have been tempted to switch my stamp collection to a coin collection!  I’ll definitely be housing my Grizzly Bear Coin in the safe, as gorgeous as it is, it’s also a valuable investment.  China’s is a Panda Bear and I’m crazy in love with it!  haha.  

Seems like the older we get, the more important investment becomes.  I wondered why that was for a time, but then I saw just how much one earns from social security income and such.  Definitely a must have: investment.  The thing is, it’s terrifying.  My Dad lost almost all of his 401k thanks to the stock market and that’s terrifying.  When I heard that anyone can just buy gold or silver, I was a bit surprised.  I really thought only rich people could do that.  Turns out, anyone can and it’s not that hard!

Looking over the GSI exchange website, there is some very educational stuff, not only on the value of silver and gold but also on how to invest without paying tax penalties: LEGALLY!  I think that is fabulous!  They tell about Physical Possession IRA’s, which I had never heard of.  It’s a way of investing without risk or having to pay investors.  They don’t report your purchases to the IRS so you don’t pay any penalties for having purchased them.

I’m fascinated and highly interested!  It took me a minute to find, but I found that you can sell the metal back to them.  I was curious as to how that would work.  If you are struggling to get on track, check out my credit letter that can help you get negative things removed from your credit without costing you money.  You know I’m ALL about free!

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