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Anjolee Fleur Diamond Gemstone Bracelet @anjolee_diamond

Anjolee Fleur Diamond And Gemstone Bracelet is a stunning piece that warrants oohs and ahhs from everyone who sees them. Perfect for elegant affairs and dressing up casual wear! Add a matching pair of stud earrings and the look is absolutely elegant!

My first thought upon opening was the delicacy of the Anjolee bracelet that I received. The small stones lodged firmly in their place definitely took an intricate eye for detail and a set of steady hands. The tanzanite I chose, as it was my baby girls birthstone, is set perfectly in the center of the cubic zirconia stones.


Anjolee Fleur Diamond And Gemstone Bracelet: Honest Review @CraftyZoo @anjolee_diamond

It’s absolutely stunning and I can’t imagine the actual diamonds being more beautiful. Of course, I’m a bit of a cause lover and am not a fan of the things that are done to locals when they harvest diamonds, so I’m perfectly thrilled with my not real diamonds!

Their website states that they, as company, do everything they can to limit their imprint on the environment, which is awesome! They also only buy diamonds that comply with the Kimberly Act of 2003. This is a great step, but that board is not impartial so it hasn’t quite reached it’s optimum efficiency.  Hopefully one day it will. These are things we, as consumers, have to research. It’s greatly appreciated that they are at least trying to do what they can. In all things, please do your research! 

Anjolee Fleur Diamond And Gemstone Bracelet: Honest Review @CraftyZoo @anjolee_diamond

Anjolee Fleur Diamond And Gemstone Adjustable Bracelet

The setting is shaped as small flowers. Cubic zirconia stones are placed careful into the setting with the centerpiece being the stone of your choice. There are eight stones one can choose with this particular bracelet: sapphire, ruby, emerald, tanzanite, topaz, amethyst, garnet or citrine.

Anjolee Adjustable Bracelet @CraftyZoo @anjolee_diamondBeing an old fashioned kind of girl, I was a little hesitant about the adjustable style bracelet. I’d never had one and was concerned that it wouldn’t hold itself well. There was a bit of a learning curve, figuring out just how to tighten the bracelet onto my wrist, but after I looked it up I realized it was very easy to do myself without any help. It does leave you with a some chain hanging down but, personally, I’m a fan of such things.

In my opinion it’s unfortunate that one can’t choose to order one with cubic zirconia. However, they specialize in quality diamonds.  While I can’t speak to their diamond quality, I can say that the stone setting and detail of the bracelet I received is awe inspiring. 

Anjolee Fleur Diamond And Gemstone Bracelet: Honest Review @CraftyZoo @anjolee_diamondWhen placing your order there are options to make it especially yours. You may choose from various diamond qualities as well as 1.72 or 1.93 ct. stones. There are also options regarding the metal type. Choices range from fourteen to eighteen carat gold in white, yellow or rose as well as platinum.

Anjolee Bracelet: Honest Review @CraftyZoo @anjolee_diamond~ Get Yours Here ~

Anjolee was voted America’s Best Customer Service in 2019 Newsweek. They have a gorgeous collection of Diamond bracelets, wedding and anniversary rings, earrings, engagement rings and gemstone jewelry.

If you know someone preparing to propose, definitely recommend their gorgeous rings! We’ve also got some wedding planning posts they may be interested in. They also have 3D experience technology so that engagement rings and such can be custom designed.

Each piece comes with a lifetime warranty and a Certificate of Authenticity from Anjolee.  For an additional fee, you can purchase a third party Certificate of Authenticity from the International Gemological Institute.


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  • Aleks

    Those earrings are perfect for the holidays!! everyone’ll be so jealous!!!

  • This is something my sister would love. Beautiful.


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