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Feed with Love: Better Food For Dogs


Better Food For Dogs is an excellent book for any dog owner.  Whether you want to switch to a custom diet or simply want to know how to make treats, they’ve got it all covered!  It goes pretty in depth about the necessary diet for our 4 legged babies, basic diet necessities, and even has the recipes divided by weight so that you can properly feed your baby without making them overweight and unhealthy!  Throughout the book, there are adorable pictures of various breeds that brings out that all necessary ‘aww’!

One cool aspect is that you can flip to the back and go right to your pups dietary or other problems in the index.  Some of the issues your dog may be having, such as allergies, behavior issues, eating grass, and many more.  There are many topics covered in the book.  It even tells the nutrient needs for various weight dogs.

I really appreciate that the book is full of information without seeming difficult.  You’ll learn all about the nutrition of your dogs without the hard to understand scientific terms.  I’m all about quick and easy learning!

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From the Site:

People want their dogs to have happy, healthy and long lives and providing the best nutrition is one of the most important steps you can take toward achieving this goal. The problem is most of us aren’t nutritionists and there are so many conflicting opinions about dog’s dietary needs that feeding your dog can become an overwhelming challenge. Better Food for Dogs is an invaluable reference that will guide you through this nutritional puzzle. It also provides you with all the information — complete with tasty recipes, tested and approved by dogs — you need to feed your dog a natural home-prepared diet, one of the best investments you can make in his/her health.

Here are just some of the easy to prepare recipes: Breakfast Burrito, Blueberry Banana Biscotti, Turkey and Rice, Divine Diner Burrito, Stir-Fried Ginger Beef with Greens, Chicken Fried Rice, Barbecued Hamburgers, Salmon and Dill Pasta, Basil Chicken and Vegetable Pasta.

  • From basic everyday meals to gourmet dinners
  • Special cookie treats
  • Myths about dog and people food
  • Nutrient sources for your dog
  • User friendly charts provide important information at a glance
  • How to identify good-quality processed foods
  • Problems associated with low-quality diets

Book Details

 ISBN-10: 0778804240



Price (USD):  $19.95

Format:  Paperback

Number of Pages:  192
Published Date:

Sep 2012




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