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Calligraphic Drawing: Taking Calligraphy to A Whole New Level!

Calligraphic Drawing is absolutely gorgeous! It’s turns and flourishes are beautiful and this book will have you drawing with your calligraphy in no time!

Calligraphic Drawing: Taking Calligraphy to A Whole New Level!

Flourishes are ever so popular and for good reason-they are beautiful!  These drawings are no different!  They are absolutely gorgeous!  Don’t worry, as is typical of the awesome Quarto books, they’ll walk you through start to finish until you learn!

Calligraphic Drawing

Calligraphic Drawing is just what it sounds like: drawing in the calligraphy style.  You may have seen my review of the other calligraphy book reviews, one had a focused on hand lettering.  They’ll help you learn the basics if you haven’t already!

Whether you do calligraphy or not, this book can teach you calligraphic drawing and you’ll soon be drawing like a pro!  These gorgeous drawings would be wonderful for invitations, wall decor, or just about anything!

My only complaint, was that there was no tutorial to draw monkeys…  But you know I have a bit of a love for them!  However, the way it is taught, I’m certain I’ll be able to draw a monkey!

The author, Schin Loong, has made numerous appearances and stresses that this book is perfect for designers, calligraphers, doodlers, and anyone who picks up a pen!  That, my dear, means YOU!

Calligraphic Drawing: Taking Calligraphy to A Whole New Level!

Now, go on, get yours HERE!

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From The Publisher:

Calligraphic Drawing, written and illustrated by artist Schin Loong, is a step-by-step guide to the pictorial side of calligraphy. Learn how to make calligraphic flourishes, then apply the technique to draw 15 different  flourished animals.
You’ll also find instructions for embellishing letters and drawing ornamental cartouches. In the past, masters of penmanship advertised their copperplate skills by shaping their calligraphy and flourishes into elaborate pictorial designs. Now the art of the flourish is back!
With her fresh approach to this age-old art form, Schin will take you confidently through each step, from choosing your pen, nib, and ink, to creating calligraphic animals that express your own imagination and artistry.
The basic steps for the strokes are simple, but as you learn each new pattern and stroke, you’ll watch your drawings develop into ever more complex and beautiful compositions.
By following the step-by-step instructions, you can create stunning drawings of a pigeon, swan, crane, rooster, jellyfish, goldfish, peacock, parrot, owl, raccoon, elephant, puppy, rabbit, fox, and zebra.
Each exercise includes a photo of the animal, followed by an illustration and written guidance for each numbered step.
You’ll find helpful tips and encouragement throughout. At the back, a gallery showcase provides examples of Schin’s own artwork to inspire you in your own flourishing pursuits.

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  • I have always loved calligraphy and calligraphic drawing. I never did any drawings but I have done calligraphy writing. I plan to soon get a new pen set I like on Amazon.


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