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Desert Island Disc Jam Session @Recess_Monkey

Head to this super fun Desert Island and start grooving! With a fun Island beat, this disc is sure to bring feelings of warmth and tropical adventure!  You can check them out at their site and learn a lot about them!  😀

Desert Island

It you’ve seen any of my other children’s music posts, you’ll know that I seriously love listening to the silliness of kids music! Whether you have an infant, toddler, pre-school, kindergarten or any elementary aged child you will have a blast listening to Recess Monkey’s Desert Island! Don’t have children? Get it for your rough days!

But… don’t take my word for it! Check them out on Amazon!

This album features super fun island reggae type children’s music with all the silliness one can handle! I dare you to listen without moving or smiling! No way anyone could do that! Well, except a sorely teenager, but that’s it’s own beast. Those kids have some strong pouting talent! The lyrics get silly and the most serious of adults have to crack a smile!

Obviously, I loved Desert Island. Reviewed it on my own, played it for the kids and then continued listening while I worked. It’s fantastic! I love that it makes me feel happy and, as a result, inspires me to move my body! Even with my rhythm challenges, I danced and moved without a care! I was far too happy!

It’s super fun to move to, dance and sing with! Inspires activity and happiness! I really hope you’ll check it out! You won’t regret it!

DESERT ISLAND DISC Cover Desert Island Disc Song List

Coconut Radio Tallest Tree Trailblazer Hide & Seek Long Gone The Hermit The Cove
Pearls of Wisdom My Treasure Getting a Sunburn Round the Campfire Dessert Island Smooth Sailing Going Home

About Recess Monkey

Recess Monkey is a group of three teachers who are combining indie-rock music with their knowledge of what kids love to make some great hits.  Their music is currently rated #3 in America for Kindie bands and their site boasts that they seek to balance real music with kid-centric ideas.

They seek to have their lyrics relate to both the kids and parents.  I feel that they have found a good balance, as many of their songs made me giggle a bit.  Of course, I’m a little silly myself!  😀



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3 thoughts on “Desert Island Disc Jam Session @Recess_Monkey

  • Megan Parsons

    I love their Black Adult “SECURITY” Shirt! It’s super cute!

  • Sherry Compton

    I learned that this weekend is
    GOODFEST at Redmond Town Center.


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