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Canvas Printing Tips & A Discount

CanvasDiscount.com has provided me with a canvas print in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own, I’m too stubborn to lie, even for a sponsor! Enjoy…

Canvas Print Tips & A DiscountIf it were up to me, my home would be a museum of pictures! I absolutely love them! However, that whole marriage thing…. My husband says he feels like people are staring at him when there are a lot of them everywhere. I maintain and insist that he is just weird and a bit paranoid.

Thankfully, we are a couple that compromises and I got my space on the living room wall to put family pictures. It started with just a few and is slowly growing. My evil little plan is that it will continue to grow until I have my museum of family photos! Bahaha There’s just something special about having customized wall décor of those we love!

Canvas Print Tips & A Discount

My collection is growing and changing, it is a free spirited collection, much like our family. Not all of the prints are the same media, nor are they uniform sizes. But that’s okay, it’s a very literal representation of our family. Although, it’s missing some members as our family has grown and we’ve yet to get photographs. Those will come, I assure you!

Canvas Prints

Canvas Print Tips & A DiscountYou may notice there are a couple of other matted prints of our teenager. Those were done, regrettably, by a very large box store at a very cheap price. It was, unfortunately, a bad decision. I’m all about saving money anywhere I can. The lesson I learned there, was a harsh reminder that you get what you pay for. A discount is one thing, an always low price is a red light if I’ve ever seen one!

The print began pealing at the corners about a year after it was hung. There’s not a moisture or air problem in our home, it was hung and remained in the same location from day one. Still, it began to peel.

This is just one of the many reasons I’m super excited about our new canvas print! We used a candid shot of myself with our beautiful baby girl. Not necessarily a photo that was meant to be blown up but definitely one that emitted the joy that our baby girl brought us when she was alive.

For you, it may just be a picture, for us, it is a priceless memory.

Canvas Printing Tips & A Discount

Canvas Prints Tips

  1. As mentioned, the photo we chose wasn’t a high quality professional image. It was a candid shot my husband took with his cell phone in a dark hospital room. So, my absolute first tip is that if you are using an old photo or one that isn’t well lit, definitely take the time to re-touch it using photo editing software. You can easily use FotoJet or there are others, at no cost with minimal skill required.
  2. Re-size the image. Obviously, ours having been done with a cell phone, stretching it to an 8×8 print was going to be brutal. I used the online photo editing site and resized my image before submitting it to CanvasDiscount.com for my order.
  3. If you are going to be using a low resolution photo, print it on a smaller canvas size. Like mine, on an 8×8! They also have other smaller canvases.
  4. Canvas Print Tips & A DiscountChoose an image you’ll love forever! Find a photograph that brings you joy, no matter what mood you are in when you see it. The one we chose, while it may be dark, emits pure happiness as it radiates from both my own and our baby’s face.
  5. Using social media photos for printing… Facebook, instagram and such do not store photos in a printable size. If you’d like to print them, remember that and adjust the sizes. Otherwise, that gorgeous clear photograph you see on your screen is not going to be printed in your hand or on the wall.



I can give tips all day long about photography, decorating and so forth. However, the bottom line on this particular site is that it’s easy. The site is designed so that anyone can have their photo printed. It could not possibly be easier. While I did resize and adjust the light on my photo, there wasn’t anything else I needed to do.

It’s so simple to have photo canvas prints and photo gifts made on their site! Literally just load your photograph, select the product you’d like, then choose the selections of the designs and order! I had my canvas print in less than a week!

I’m totally pleased with my print! Every single time I walk into our living room, it makes me smile. The canvas is stretched well and seems far above the quality of what you’d expect from Cheap Canvas Prints. The colors match very well to my printed version, so I’m confident that my future prints will come back just as I expect them to look.Canvas Printing Tips & A Discount

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Canvas Printing Tips & A Discount


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