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Dad Pack: Tips, Themes & Ideas

How to Make Dad Feel Speical

Often Dad’s can feel left out when little ones (or even older ones) depend so much on Mom.  Then there are times when Dad just needs to be reminded he is special.  We decided to gather up a few things to make the Dad in our life feel special.  We’ve got our Dad Pack ‘ingredients all laid out for you to see, but you could put yours in a gift basket or even in a bucket if you want it to be more masculine!  Regardless of how you put it together, it will be sure to make him feel extra special and bring that smile to his face that you love so much!If you are on a budget, don’t worry, this can be done quite cheaply.  With the exception of the air filter (which he actually did need) our pack cost less that $10 but that smile was priceless.

Dad Pack Tips

  1. Make or buy his favorite snack.  My hubby loves Nutter Butter Cookies but we rarely buy them.  Just make sure it is something a little more special than what you’d keep stocked in your pantry!
  2. Add in his favorite soda, something he doesn’t have often.  We chose to go with the Dad soda theme, so he had his own Dad’s Sodas that no one else could touch…  After all, they were DAD’S!!!
  3. Scour the dollar store, or wherever, to find some inexpensive little thing that your husband would like.  My husband loves cooking, so we got him some syrup bottles for his kitchen.  His kitchen is done in the design of a pub, so they work for him.  😀  If your husband isn’t into cooking, you can replace this type of item with anything he is into.
  4. The Air Filter- get one ‘big ticket’ item to toss in.  The Dad in our house had just gotten a new used car and wanted to get an air filter, so that’s what he got.  Had that not been the case, it probably would have been a new book, video game or something to fit his hobbies.
  5. This is the big one, the one that will mean the most after all the excitement.  Add a notecard reminding him how much he means to you all.  If your husband isn’t all mushy, this is your excuse to be a little more mushy than normal and get away with it!  Just make sure you make the note emphasize how much you love him and how wonderful he is!

Dad Pack Theme Ideas

Remember to make your Dad pack cater to his hobbies and loves!

  1. Movie Pack– let the ‘big ticket’ item be a new movie he has been wanting to see, then clear the house so he can watch it in peace!  Add in his favorite snacks, maybe pick up a pizza for him (or have one ready to stick in the oven), or his favorite 6 pack.  You know what he loves when he is watching movies, just make sure it’s all right there for him!  Don’t wanna have to run to the kitchen when the movie is playing!
  2. Gaming Pack– Snag that game he has been hounding about!  Not sure what it is?  Clandestinely call his best buddy, or casually bring up the topic a few weeks in advance.  Don’t flat out ask, fish around a bit!  Mention some game you saw coming out and he will be sure to start talking!  Add some snacks and have the gaming area all set up for him when he gets home.  He will LOVE the surprise!
  3. For the Car Lover– If your husband is into cars, there are a multitude of things you can do for a themed pack!  Get him a new air freshener, some new car cleaning stuff (you could even make many of those), a new tool or two.  Think accessories.  Just remember, the more you make the cheaper it will be.  Plus, he will love that you put so much work into it!
  4. Athletic Pack– If your husband has a sport he is passionate about, there are a ton of magazines out there that will fit whatever sport he loves!  Again, think accessories.  Perhaps a video of his favorite sports highlights along with snacks, a magazine, and his favorite energy drink!  You could even go in the direction of energy stuff, new workout gear, etc.  This one can get as pricey as you’d like, but you could always do homemade stuff and keep it a little less expensive.  😀
  5. For the Outdoors Man– Ladies, if you aren’t into whatever outdoor activity your husband is into, fear not.  Just go to that section of the store and start looking around.  All you are doing is accessorizing!  Still not sure, tell the sales person what you are doing and they’ll be able to hook you up!  You can always take a gander at his gear and see what kind of stuff he already has to give yourself an idea.  You could even go for a magazine of that topic to go along with some snacks and one or two new ‘toys’.
  6. For the Music Lover– This one can be as expensive as you want it to be or not at all.  My husband is perfectly happy to have some time to listen uninterrupted to jazz and relax.  This pack can simply be a note for him to sit and enjoy his music, a ‘ticket’ to get him peace without interruption, a cigar and his favorite drink.  Or whatever his relaxation pleasures are!
  7. For the Handyman– Let the ‘big ticket’ item be a new tool, print him off some new patterns (yes, there are patterns for wood working and such!), get him a new magazine, or simply get him a load of snacks and a gift card!  If he is anything like some of the handymen I know, a ‘free pass’ to go spend some money at the hardware store is like Christmas!

Whatever you go with just make it around them.  If they don’t fit a theme, don’t fret, just get things they love!  Having a surprise will make them happy, at the end of the day it isn’t about what is in the pack but rather how it makes them feel!




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Big Brother/Big Sister Kits

Big Brother/Sister Kit
New babies are an amazing blessing!  Everyone oohing and aahing over the beautiful new baby!  Sometimes though, big brother or big sister can feel a little left out.  New babies come with all kinds of new presents, big brother or sister need something new too!
This is perfect to help a new big brother or sister feel special.  Everyone wants to see the new baby, but this will get the big sibling some extra special feelings!
The kit is an inexpensive and highly personalized way to do just that!

Kit Contents:

A Custom Tee & Bag
Big Sibling Certificate
Coloring Book
Printables (pictured and/or linked below)
Spill Proof Bubbles
Juice & Healthy Snacks
Light up bouncy ball
The tee is just a plain white tee shirt with an iron on that says ‘Big Brother’ from Hobby Lobby.  The bag (also from Hobby Lobby) just has Big Brother written with fabric paint.  You could do something different, maybe put their name on it.  Don’t worry if you aren’t very good at it, the reason there are dots on mine is because I messed up with the paint, but  no one knows that but you.  😉
I got this ribbon image from the Homeade Gift Guru
The traceable one can be found at Twisty Noodle, they also have one without the words.
Of course, if you’d like there are also big sister printables equivalent to these on each of the sites.
Altogether, the kit cost less than $20 and was totally worth it!  It was loved by the big brother and greatly appreciated by the parents too!  It was nice hearing about how one particular Big Brother put his shirt on then went to show it off to the nurses!  😀

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Make Your Own Pirate Kit #NationalTalkLikeAPirateDay


Make Your Own Pirate Kit #NationalTalkLikeAPirateDay

I have been blessed with some awesome people in my life.  One of which is my very first niece.  I still remember the very first time I saw her and held her!  That beautiful baby stole my heart!  I will admit, I’ve told that story and/or thought about that moment so many times I feel like I must be somewhere close to 80 but that’s okay, it was great!

pirate-girls-diy-pirate-kitThis year the little beauty graduated high school this year and has started her first year in college.  (Could you guess I’m proud?) So, as her graduation gift, I promised to send care packages as long as she is in college.  Should she decide to go all the way to her doctorate my husband is gonna have to get a second job to support our boxes!  Especially since I keep wanting to go overboard on what I buy for them.  LOL.  Whatever, what the husband doesn’t know will not hurt him (unless he finds out, then I might! haha).  All jokes aside, Uncle is very proud as well and happy to share this ongoing graduation gift!

pirate-kitAll that being said, since National Talk Like a Pirate Day is September 19th, I decided that she needed a Pirate box.  Long John Silvers and Dunkin’ Donuts both have freebies if you come in and talk like a pirate and an even better freebie if you dress up!  With this in mind, I got to work researching and trying to find what I should make or put in her box.  She has a love for Johnny Depp so a few of them are related.  I thought I’d share the links and pictures with you.  Hope you enjoy!



In Our Kit

Treasure Chest with Gold Coins, jewels, and some other treasures!

Eye Patch

DIY Hook (directions below)

Cardboard Pirate Sword to Make

Sash (directions below)


Pirates of the Caribbean Pirate-Speak Printable

Honorary Pirate Printable

Pirates Border Free Printable

Pirates Code


Pirate eye patch

DIY Pirate Treasure Chest

Make Your Own Paper Toys!


To Make the Hook

To make the hook, take a plastic cup (like you get from takeout) and spray paint it black.  While it’s drying, cut the shape of a hook out of cardboard leaving a longish piece at the bottom to fold in to help it keep from coming out (plus this way you can hold on to it with your fingers).  Wrap the cardboard in tin foil.  Cut a small slit into the end of the cup and insert your hook, folding the extra inside to one side.  Commence with piracy!

To Make the Sash

Cut a piece of cloth about 8-12 inches wide and long enough to wrap around and still have plenty to hang down.  You don’t have to sew it or anything, it’s supposed to look rough!  Tie around your waist so that there is plenty hanging down!

I’d love to hear yer thoughts, adventures or anything about Pirates!

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