Candle Warmers Review. @candlewarmeretc

Candle Warmers are everywhere, but these are way better than many you may have seen! The designs are adorable and the function is off the chain! Candle Warmers Review. @candlewarmeretc

Candle Warmers

So, surely we’ve all heard of candle warmers.  Right?  With the popularity of them going around, it’s almost impossible not to!  Plus, get the right scent wafting through your house and there is something cozy about it!  I love when my house has a strong, pleasant scent!  These days, they have some adorable warmers too!

Back in October, they were the gentle reminder for me to post about fire prevention.   I especially love and appreciate that they care about not only their customers, but everyone.  A really cool little secret???  Lean in close…..  they didn’t even want or ask for acknowledgement, they just wanted me to remind everyone to be aware!!!  How awesome is that!  Ssshhhh….  don’t tell that I told you.  LOL.

Anyway, I was given the chance to review their Snowman candle warmer along with a few of their scents and I am loving it!!!  It’s absolutely adorable!  Plus, since the back has nothing on it, after winter we can turn it around and keep using it.

Of course, ideally I’ll have this adorable little warmer that I’ve been eyeing by then!  I really love the little snowman, he is simply adorable!  He also makes the house smell so yummy without me having to worry about forgetting that I have candles burning!  It utilizes a quick warming bulb that shines a little light to melt the scented wax while getting rid of indoor air pollution!  Fabulous?  I think so.  😀
Candle Warmers Review. @candlewarmeretc
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