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Fall Lesson Planning with Let the Little Children Come @SMGurusNetwork #BTS18

The Halloween Tracts are perfect for the holidays this fall! Definitely want to order them for your classroom now!

Fall Lesson Planning with Let the Little Children Come @SMGurusNetwork #BTS18Let the Little Children Come has some great products for every classroom! They have a ton of relevant tracts that make learning lessons fun and easy! I highly recommend their selection and they have some great free resources as well!!!

In the interest of preparation, we have brought you the perfect lesson for this fall! I don’t know about you, but I prefer to have my lessons ready to go as early as I can. No stress when the time comes! Lesson planning is always best in advance!

The Halloween Tract is absolutely perfect for this fall! On the outside it asks ‘Is there anything better than candy?’ and comes on a flat sheet, with the inside of each pumpkin having a part of the lesson written on it.

Each pack comes with 20 fold-able pumpkins and comes ready to assemble with a hard piece of cardboard on the back to keep them from getting before they arrive. They were very well received and the kids absolute loved them!  We also did a Friendship Lesson with them!

Halloween Tract from Let the Little Children Come

There are two ways one could utilize the pumpkins to teach:

1.  Allow the Children to Assemble the pumpkins as a group. The students could take turns reading each of the lessons, then fold them together to form a pumpkin! Not only is it a fun way to learn, it’s something the kids can take with them for years to come!

2.  If you prefer to hand the out rather than do them as a classroom project, you can form them and place inside some of the kids’ favorite candies and treats. Either way, it’s a great product to help teach and reinforce the gospel message!

Let the Little Children Come


2018 Back to School Gift Guide

Here are some additional free resources for your enjoyment:

Salvation Bracelet Tutorial ~ Gospel Plane Printable

Free Gospel String Magic Lesson ~ Free Bracelet Tutorial

15 Lessons You Can Teach with Paracord

5 Great Lessons Using Optical Illusions

Halloween Cake Pops


I think these cake pops are adorable and since it’s the season….  So hook em up and enjoy your Halloween!

Some of you may remember catching my review of the 175 best Baby Cakes cake pops recipes (find it here).  This one was my fave Halloween centerpiece!  Here goes.

18 cake pops
White, orange, lavender, green, and black candy melts
Pumpkin or Halloween motif bowl
styrofoam block

Melt 1/4 cup white candy melts and use to attach sticks to 6 cake pops.  Freeze cake pops for at least 15 minutes to set.
Repeat with orange and lavender candy melts, using each color to attach sticks to 6 cake pops.

Add 1 cup white candy melts to those left in the cup and melt until smooth.  Coat the cake pops secured with white candy melts.

Set in a cake pop stand to dry.

Repeat with orange and lavender melts, 6 per color.

Melt 1/4 cup green candy melts.  Use a pastry bag to pipe a pumpkin stem onto each orange cake pop.  Set in the stand to dry.

Pipe two green eyes onto each of the 3 white cake pops.
Set in stand to dry.

If you like this recipe and would like more, you can order yours here.  I’d love to see pics of your creations!

Excerpt from 175 Best Babycakes Cake Pop Maker Recipes by Kathy Moore & Roxanne Wyss © 2012 Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.

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DIY Nightmare Before Christmas Wreath

Nightmare Before Christmas has been played so many times in my house it’s insane.  Check out this DIY wreath.  My nephew can’t wait to hang it in his room and was devastated that it goes on the door first!

“Boys and Girls of every age, wouldn’t you like to see something strange? Come with us and you will see. This our town of Halloween!”

DIY Nightmare Before Christmas Wreath

Crafts By Dawn

Happy Halloween everyone! Looking for something original or new for your October decorations? Try this awesome The Nightmare Before Christmas wreath. For just around ten dollars you +can make a one of a kind decoration that will look awesome for years to come.

All you will need is:

A wire wreath

6 wooden circles

Black and white acrylic paint

Halloween garland

Hot glue

Twine (optional)

*most of the supplies you can get at your favorite craft store. I got my garland at the local Dollar Store*

DIY Nightmare Before Christmas Wreath
Help from the Nephew! My best Big Boy Helper!

Step one

Paint the wooden circles white and let dry. Pick out your favorite Jack Skeleton facial expressions and draw them on the circles once the white paint is dry. For those whose free hand skills are not up to par, you can print off stencils and use them. The paint over with black paint and let dry.

Step two

Lace the garland trough the wire wreath. I secured mine with twine but that is optional.

Step three

Place the finished Jack faces where you like on the wreath. You can glue them down if you like, however I hot glued some twine to the back so I could just tie them to the wire wreath.


DIY Nightmare Before Christmas Wreath

Once the faces are secured your wreath is ready to hang.

My four year old decided that we needed a spider web in the center. I had extra hot glue so I made a web out of hot glue (use hot glue and parchment paper to do that. Simply glue the web to the parchment, once it is dry you can carefully remove the web. We painted it first then removed it once it was dry. I just hot glued the web to the back of the wreath…honestly it would have been just as easy to buy fake webbing from the dollar store, but I didn’t want to make another trip into town or spend any more money)

I had a few things in our Halloween decoration supplies that I could have added as well. Like the purple twigs that I tied to the top. You can add whatever Halloween décor you choose and make it as original as you like. The kids loved helping with this. I let them choose the facial expressions, wrap the wreath in garland, and let them pick where to hang it. (Although my son was convinced it would look best in his room. Lol.)


@TylerPerry’s# Boo2! Prize Giveaway US Ends 10/25 #ad #RWM @Lionsgate @CraftyZoo

Boo 2! A Madea Halloween & GiveawayTyler Perry’s Boo2! A Madea Halloween  comes out very soon and I’m super stoked!  Monkey and I use toTyler Perry's Boo2! Prize Giveaway US Ends 10/25 watch Madea movies all of the time!  That’s one of the things I miss the most, our movie nights and mother/daughter bonding!  I think I’ve used the popcorn machine like once since she grew up and moved out, it’s just not the same without my Monkey!  I can’t tell you how many hours we spent laughing and making jokes during the various Madea movies.

Anyway, guess we’ll get to the point.  LOL.  Empty nest pity party is over.  Well, at least in my writing, I can pout in my head over missing my young Monkey all I want!  haha

Movie Description

Madea and the gang are back for this hilarious sequel. Madea, Bam and Hattie venture to a haunted campground and the group must literally run for their lives when  monsters, goblins and the bogeyman are unleashed. PG-13 For sexual references, drug content, language and some horror images.

Boo2! Tshirt Giveaway @Lionsgate #ad @CraftyZoo

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I’m super excited to be able to offer one lucky winner a prize pack from the movie!  Not just because I love Madea movies…..  okay, I AM super excited just because I love the movies.  LOL.  Don’t judge me.  Lionsgate is giving one lucky winner a Boo2! t-shirt and Boo2! stencil kit!

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Kitty Litter Halloween Cake


Isn’t this just HORRIBLE GOODNESS!!! The adults were slightly sickened, but the kids loved it!  Guess that’s how it goes!   We had a great time making it and the reactions to it were very entertaining!  A friend and I made it for a Halloween Party for teen girls and really enjoyed it!  I’m going to go ahead and admit that making the poo was really fun!  We were up late and giggling, so that may have contributed!  Complete the party with scary stories and some ‘bloody punch’, and you’ll all have a night to cherish forever!  I can’t seem to find the pictures of the inside, but using some food coloring, when you slice into it, it looks fabulous!  Here’s how ya make it!

1 white cake mix, made as directed
green food coloring
1 container cool whip
Any flavor of white colored pudding, made as directed
graham cracker crumbs or vanilla wafers (any tan or light brown cookie would do fine), crushed
tootsie rolls


Make cake as directed.  Let cool.  Take cake out of cake pan and crumble into both large and small chunks.  You can’t really go wrong with the sizes, it will work regardless and you can modify it if you don’t like the way it looks when you put it in the ‘litter box’.  Mix pudding and cake together.  Once you get it smoothed the way you want it, go through in different spots and mix in a bit of food coloring.  This will give it the kitty litter look!  Smooth out cool whip on top, adding small spots of green food coloring in random places.  Cover with crushed cookies/graham crackers.  Take tootsie rolls and stretch and mold them to look like, well I think you can guess!  Let chill in the fridge for a while so that the pudding can thicken to desired texture!  Serve with a litter scoop and enjoy!!!  We used a storage container with rounded edges, the scoop was only a buck, so it wasn’t bad.  Gotta love dollar tree!!!

You’ll Find this Zoo Exhibit Featured Here:

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Fancy and Cute Fairy Dust

Okay, so I shall begin by saying this was not my idea.  I scraplifted it from another blog.  The blog I got it from is called The Dragons Fairy Tail and I just loved it!  SO, I made a version that was a little more….  shall we say….  eye catching.  LOL  Anyway, be sure and check it out!  Super cute!  Here is my version…

I took a small bottle and filled it with ‘Fairy Dust’ (also known to those of us who aren’t quite as creative as white glitter).  I suggest using a funnel if you have one, as we all know glitter gets everywhere!  However, if you don’t have a funnel, you can use a piece of paper rolled into a funnel, just be careful when you unroll the ‘funnel’ because glitter will go flying! The bottle I used was a bottle they had at the liquor store (don’t judge me, we cook with liquor, only OCCASIONALLY partaking responsibly!) but any small bottle would work.  Only limited to your imagination!

The lid was tricky!  Since it was so small, I couldn’t get the ribbon (?) around it (plus I didn’t want it to ever come off to reveal the alcohol logo!) so I took a lid from a plastic pop bottle and glued it on top.  Note: the ONLY glue I could get to work was a hot glue gun, all others came unglued!  I had to fill the space between the two lids with glue also.  After the glue had dried, I took this pink stuff (not sure what it’s called, sort of like ribbon but stringier!  LOL)  and glued it around the outside and on top.  I got it from Hobby Lobby.  You’ll only need 1/2 yard to do two of these, and you’ll have some left over.

Sorry the pic is sideways!  LOL.  I didn’t notice it when I uploaded.  Anyway, I made the label, simple and self explanatory.

The fairy ribbon I also got from Hobby Lobby.  Again, half a yard will be more than enough but honestly a 1/4 would do it.  If that!  I glued it and the ribbon using my hot glue gun.  Man, I really am starting to love that thing!!!

This is a terrible picture of the finished product.  I couldn’t seem to get a good angle!  I’m sure you get the idea though!  I placed the fairies so that they were both flying toward the front.  This would make a cute little gift for a fairy themed birthday party, a decoration for a fairy themed room (You could even do larger bottles, though I would suggest making the glitter stick to the inside of the bottle rather than filling it!), or even a gift for an eccentric teenage girl!  (Which is what mine is for!)

As a side note, I was thinking the ‘bad fairies’ would have black dust.  What do ya think?  Not sure if I will make it, but it came to mind so there it is! 

I am looking for any projects I could do with dinosaurs.  Please leave a link or comment if you have one.  I have some girls in LOVE with them and I’d like to do something like that!!!!  Thanks and hope your Zoo is filled with laughter!  Will be trying to figure out how to do a linky party, as I just love those!  Plus, it would give us all a chance to expand our horizons!!!

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Friendship Lesson for the Kiddos! #HalloweenTract

If you’ve never enjoyed the challenge of teaching children week after week, you may not quite get how big of a challenge it is.  However, if you have children you definitely get it.  Whether you are looking for non-scary ways to celebrate Halloween with your children or simply want an alternative to the traditional, I’ve found a great Halloween Tract to ‘hand out’ or just to get to teach your own children.  Let the Little Children Come has some awesome products, I especially love these little pumpkins they have!

This little craft product has so many great lessons!  Is there anything better than candy?  With the inside of each panel of the pumpkin comes a message that s essential for our children and ourselves!  It can be a challenge to come up with new and interesting projects.  This one is perfect for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or anytime for the Fall!  Perfect time to get yours ordered so that you are ready when September gets here!Friendship Lesson for the Kiddos!

Good friends listen to each other!

Have the children take turns with a ‘friendship item’ telling one thing they like about themselves.  This has two purposes; it builds the child up while teaching the children to find good things about others.

Next, ask the children to say something they like about another child.  In order to avoid everyone picking the same person, I suggest having the sit across from one another; definitely consider splitting up the children from their ‘normal’ group of friends, and having them pick something about the child across from them.

Making this quick and fun will help ensure that the kids maintain attention.  As you begin a craft or some other fun project, challenge the kids to try extra hard to listen to what people say when they speak.  You have no planted the best seed to help the children get on track to listen to others!

This little game goes perfect with the adorable little pumpkins featured and they are the perfect Segway into the lesson taught inside each side of the craft.  There are so many wonderful ways this fun little game can teach valuable lessons!

Looking for more great lessons for the little ones?  Or for the little one in you?  Check out what optical illusions can teach you!  If all this fun doesn’t lower your stress, this will so have some fun and enjoy life!

Make Your Own Pirate Kit #NationalTalkLikeAPirateDay


Make Your Own Pirate Kit #NationalTalkLikeAPirateDay

I have been blessed with some awesome people in my life.  One of which is my very first niece.  I still remember the very first time I saw her and held her!  That beautiful baby stole my heart!  I will admit, I’ve told that story and/or thought about that moment so many times I feel like I must be somewhere close to 80 but that’s okay, it was great!

pirate-girls-diy-pirate-kitThis year the little beauty graduated high school this year and has started her first year in college.  (Could you guess I’m proud?) So, as her graduation gift, I promised to send care packages as long as she is in college.  Should she decide to go all the way to her doctorate my husband is gonna have to get a second job to support our boxes!  Especially since I keep wanting to go overboard on what I buy for them.  LOL.  Whatever, what the husband doesn’t know will not hurt him (unless he finds out, then I might! haha).  All jokes aside, Uncle is very proud as well and happy to share this ongoing graduation gift!

pirate-kitAll that being said, since National Talk Like a Pirate Day is September 19th, I decided that she needed a Pirate box.  Long John Silvers and Dunkin’ Donuts both have freebies if you come in and talk like a pirate and an even better freebie if you dress up!  With this in mind, I got to work researching and trying to find what I should make or put in her box.  She has a love for Johnny Depp so a few of them are related.  I thought I’d share the links and pictures with you.  Hope you enjoy!



In Our Kit

Treasure Chest with Gold Coins, jewels, and some other treasures!

Eye Patch

DIY Hook (directions below)

Cardboard Pirate Sword to Make

Sash (directions below)


Pirates of the Caribbean Pirate-Speak Printable

Honorary Pirate Printable

Pirates Border Free Printable

Pirates Code


Pirate eye patch

DIY Pirate Treasure Chest

Make Your Own Paper Toys!


To Make the Hook

To make the hook, take a plastic cup (like you get from takeout) and spray paint it black.  While it’s drying, cut the shape of a hook out of cardboard leaving a longish piece at the bottom to fold in to help it keep from coming out (plus this way you can hold on to it with your fingers).  Wrap the cardboard in tin foil.  Cut a small slit into the end of the cup and insert your hook, folding the extra inside to one side.  Commence with piracy!

To Make the Sash

Cut a piece of cloth about 8-12 inches wide and long enough to wrap around and still have plenty to hang down.  You don’t have to sew it or anything, it’s supposed to look rough!  Tie around your waist so that there is plenty hanging down!

I’d love to hear yer thoughts, adventures or anything about Pirates!

Find Yer Treasure....A Pirate Linky