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Computer Consultants: Why Your Home Requires Them

Computer Consultants seem like something only businesses need, or could afford, but the reality is that every home electronic user should utilize them.  Not all the time, but definitely use their services.  Having a computer consultant in your phone book can save you tons!  I’ll give you some great reasons why!

7 Reasons You Need to Contact Computer Consultants Now

7 Reasons To Contact Computer Consultants NOW!

Consultants specialize.  They spend countless hours honing their craft, participating and learning from forums with each other across various countries to find ways to fix new problems as they arise.  They often know a fix for problems long before the fix trickles down to techs at retail stores.

Computer Consultants will help you find the computer that actually fits your needs.  Salesmen are there to do just that: sell!  While there are some that will work more for the benefit of the customer, many are doing whatever they can for that commission.

It is often better to utilize a consultant than to go to the big guys.  In example, Box Store Computer Repair Service…  Over-priced (compared to most small companies) and often times woefully ineffective.  Some of their repair guys just aren’t trained for what clients need, so you may be encouraged to buy a new machine when a good consultant could easily repair your problem, for less than you paid for that warranty!  *Note: nothing is an always, this is the experience I have learned from a computer consultant who once worked for a big box company.  Not only that, but your repairs will be done faster (generally) and you’ll have more time for work and family.

Computer Consultants will tell you what software is best to protect your machine and your security.  They don’t spout what is newest and coolest, they guide you to what is best.  Whether that be a paid software or (gasp) a free one!  I personally know consultants who have multi-million dollar clients using free software to wipe harmful things off of their machines to keep them running smoothly.

Computer Consultants are local.  I appreciate this!  Not only is my money helping my economy, I don’t have to spend hours making my way through foreign call centers and getting nowhere.  Plus, I like that I can call them directly and go see them face to face.  This is a big selling point for me!

Computer Consultants are easy to find, you probably drive by computer repair companies every day.  While not all are great, some are amazing!  You can easily check the ratings and such.  Plus, you can go in and talk to them to find out their experience.  If you don’t get a good vibe, hit up the next one.  I recommend going to the IT guys at your place of employment and asking for recommendations.  Trust me, they know who is fantastic and who is not.  If you don’t have any IT guys at work, or you work from home, you could go to the city you live in and ask their IT guys.  Most of them are happy to help guide you, you may even find some that have a business on the side.

Whatever you do, don’t feel too intimidated.  They don’t cost a ton like their reputation might scream and they are generally very helpful.  If nothing else, you’ll keep from overspending for things you didn’t need but a sales guy told you that you had to have!  I’m all about efficiency!



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