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Light Summer Corn Salad: Garden Fresh or Otherwise!

This light Summer Corn Salad is absolutely perfect! It’s delicious, great on hot days, and easy to make!

Looking for a fabulous salad with minimum calories? Check out this wonderful Garden Fresh Corn Salad!

Garden Fresh Maybe?

Are you growing a garden this year?  Or maybe checking out the local Farmer’s Market?  I don’t think there is any flavor in the world like that which comes from garden fresh veggies.

Corn is a perfect staple during the summer but once it gets too hot, no one wants to deal.  This recipe is fantastic and helps us cool down!

Even if you don’t have them fresh though, this recipe is super yummy and great for picnics, brunches and potlucks!  I’m definitely going to be making it for next year’s July 4th bash!

BBQ, Cookouts, Picnics & Potlucks!

Check out this gorgeous bowl that keeps your dish cold and covered while it’s sitting out for cookouts and such! Win! LOVE this one!

I love that this is so yummy, and especially that it’s a cold addition to a hot dinner!  The fresh flavors from the garden truly shine in this dish!

This recipe certainly cannot be any more simple and it’s perfect after a day or so of sitting in the fridge!  Who doesn’t love a make-ahead recipe that makes great leftovers!

Even if you don’t have time or the inclination to make it ahead, it’s perfect when made as your making dinner as well!

Light Summer Corn Salad: Garden Fresh or Otherwise!

Garden Fresh Corn Salad


4 Ears of Corn, cooked with kernels removed

-or- 3 cups corn kernels

1/2 sweet onion, chopped

1 medium tomato, chopped

1/3 c of your favorite mayo

2 Tbsp lime juice

3 Tbsp finely chopped Basil leaves

-or- 6 Tbsp dried basil


Combine all ingredients in a bowl and stir.  You can serve immediately or make it a day or two in advance.

As is typical, the flavors meld wonderfully after it’s been sitting a while.  Just remember to keep it cool if you use an egg based mayo.

I personally love having it cool with dinner!  It’s beyond delicious on a hot summer day!  It’s especially great for a BBQ or picnic, I’ll be honest and say I had a couple of servings as lunch one day!  haha

What is your favorite way to prepare fresh summer veggies?

Light Summer Corn Salad: Garden Fresh or Otherwise!


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6 thoughts on “Light Summer Corn Salad: Garden Fresh or Otherwise!

  • Oh this looks wonderful and so easy to fix! We love corn here. Sadly, no garden, but there’s always the market corn!

  • This looks delicious. I love fresh corn and other veggies as well. Tomatoes, corn, and beans are my favorite. This was a good article. Thank you for sharing and co-hosting at #omhgww. See you next week.

    • Absolutely! We do as well! This recipe definitely makes me ready for a trip to the farmer’s market!

  • Yummy! This sounds like a delicious corn salad and totally makes me excited for Summer! I love Summer foods like this. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing the recipe!


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