DIY Lunchables

Who doesn’t love those yummy little lunchables!!! Aside from my wallet, I can’t think of anyone! My Monkey is always wanting to get them but I will never buy them because of the price! (I know, poor neglected Monkey, contact me for donation information! LOL)
So, in an effort to add to her lunch repetoire, I decided to make my own lunchable! Here is the price breakdown:
Generic Buttery Round Crackers: 2.36
Lunch meat (already had it on hand): no additional cost!
Sliced Cheese (also on hand): no additional cost!
So I guess the total cost was $2.36!!!
To add some varience, use different lunch meats, cheeses, and even pepperoni!
For Pizza Lunchables:
Pizza or Marinara Sauce (in a small container)
Sliced Pita Bread
Shredded Cheese
Pepperoni or ground meat (turkey, beef, or even sausage)
Spoon to Spread it on
I add a bowl of fruit, jello, or pudding as a side.
An added ‘suprise’ (if you don’t use them all the time) can be juice or drink mixes with their water. We do water everyday, as she needs it!   

Originally posted 2011-08-24 12:51:00.

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4 thoughts on “DIY Lunchables”

  1. We buy these once in awhile but my kids only like the store bought ones because of the chocolate bar that they come with. Other than that they prefer the homemade lunchables.

  2. Great idea. I buy lunchables every now and then as a treat and only when they are on sale. But when I get the cheese & crackers my daughter doesn’t eat the cheese (don’t blame her) so even on sale putting them together myself is cheaper and less wasteful.

  3. I just bought some Lunchables for my son last night (only because they were on sale for $1). I’m sure your homemade variety is much healthier though since it probably doesn’t have all the preservatives Lunchables have. I should start making my own, too!

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