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DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece: Frugal, beautiful, simple!

Having a Thanksgiving Centerpiece made is expensive but it doesn’t have to be! You also don’t have to be super talented or have some sort of special skill. This simple DIY will have your Thanksgiving decor on point in no time!
DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece
Growing up in a flower shop, I developed a love for beautiful decor. Unfortunately, my budget has yet to reach the point where I can have a professional decorator come and make my home look like a magazine.
I am stoked that it’s totally eco friendly though! Well, except the leaves, maybe one day I’ll dry some out and use them instead!
What I can do is figure out how to make it gorgeous all on my own, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

This was the first time I’d attempted to make a centerpiece of any kind but given that my Granny has a flower shop, located in Russellville, AR, (quick plug and shout out to all the wonderful ladies and gentleman who do such great work at Cathy’s Flowers and Gifts) that I have worked at and played in a million times, I figured I could handle it!
True to form, I did it with stuff I could find around the house and yard. I try not to go buy anything when at all possible!
For those of you who’ve missed it, we have established that I am FRUGAL, not cheap! It sounds so much nicer.
Anyway, I didn’t have to buy anything, the floral stuff, straw, and old candy corn were going to be thrown away from church, so no cost there either!
If you don’t luck upon the straw as I did, you can get it pretty cheap online or you may have some in your nativity decorations. If you want to do this next year, you can always pick up candy corn on clearance after Halloween at a super cheap clearance price (who doesn’t love clearance!?!).

I wanted it to be a little taller than just the table, so I made a stand out of cans, then put a towel over them and a tray on top. The towel keeps it from scratching the tray. Of course, this is absolutely not a requirement, it looks great on the table directly as well!
I took an old scrub top I had that was solid brown and covered the tray with it. I just folded it in so that no one would notice it was a shirt, no one even gave it a second thought.
The Mason jar was first filled it partially with dried beans, then stuck the sticks in the way I wanted and filled the rest of the jar.
In the middle are pistachio shells that Chief Zoo Keeper so kindly put in a jar instead of throwing away. When I saw the jar, I was pleased for once that he doesn’t clean up after himself!
On one side I put a leaf toward the bottom of the sticks to make it look like they were falling.
I spread the straw stuff around the outside of the jar, then arranged flowers and leaves. I stuck in my Give Thanks piece, which worked out perfectly since I had no idea what I was going to do with it!
Here is my finished product! I used varying sizes of sticks found around the yard and stuck the leaves in the grooves of the sticks so there is no gluing! Next year, I can find new sticks and do it again without throwing away anything! Yay!
Hope you enjoy it and are inspired to make the perfect Thanksgiving centerpiece for your family! We are so blessed and I love the little reminders to give thanks all around the house! Stick around and check out the Zoo!!! There are kinds of things you might just like for your Zoo!
DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece


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