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Dollar Tree Patriotic Wreath

Dollar Tree Patriotic Wreath is super quick and easy to make.  In just a few minutes with less than $5 I had this adorable wreath to brighten my front door!

Dollar Tree Patriotic Wreath DIY


Check out the hodge podge of patriotic decor they had at Dollar Tree. I’m not gonna lie, I love Dollar Tree!  Especially when I’m feeling crafty and want something new to make.

I was checking them out and thought about all of the Dollar Tree Patriotic Wreath DIYfabulous dollar store crafts I see on Pinterest and other blogs and thought I would try one out.  This one cost less than five bucks and took about ten minutes.  I love how it looks against the hunter green of our house!

I’m gonna start by saying that I had the styrofoam wreath so I suppose I cheated a bit but everything else was from there.  However, they do have the wreath base so if you don’t have one already, they have you covered!

Dollar Tree Patriotic Wreath DIY

Dollar Tree Patriotic Wreath

Obviously there wasn’t much to this, it’s definitely easy enough for beginners but pretty enough for the seasoned crafter!  I loved that it was quick and simple and turned out SO well.

I recently got a new glue gun and am loving it!  It even came with a bunch of longer than usual glue sticks!  I highly recommend it!  The stand is retractable so it makes for easy storage!

  1. I took one spool of red ribbon and wrapped it around the whole wreath.
  2. Next I took one of the scarves and wrapped it halfway around and pinned it down.
  3. Stick on a button and your done! The buttons came with four different ones so you can switch them out if you like!

Have you done any Dollar Store or extremely frugal projects lately?

We would love for everyone to share!

I’m always looking for new and fantastic crafts to keep me busy!


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6 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Patriotic Wreath

  • Looks cute, I like it. Thanks so much for linking up with me at #AThemedLinkup 20 for All Things American (red, white, and blue), open until July 25. All party entries shared if social media buttons installed.

  • the 4th of July is coming indeed! What a lovely and colorful wreath you have here…thanks for sharing it with us at #OMHGWW..Cheers

    • My pleasure! I’m glad you enjoyed! It’s crazy easy to make and you could mix it up to make different decors with it quite easily!

  • Those are some nice finds. I love the Dollar stores for this purpose as I can always find quick things to put together inexpensively!

  • Dawn D.

    ??❤️??THANK YOU!??❤️??
    Thank you for showing patriotic love for our country. I’m posting this on my Pinterest page for others to see, make and share.??


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