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gadgetgrabWith all of the awesome apps, it seems our portable devices have become more of a norm than a rarity.  Even our toddlers can be seen holding a tablet or phone, playing games or watching movies.  Seems life is more about virtual ‘reality’ than actually living life.  At any rate, that’s another post so for right now we’ll go with it.  LOL.

Stands for phones and tablets have become very popular, as we want to be able to put them on the nightstand or desk or wherever without having to hold them up and use for various reasons.  Personally, I’m a Netflix addict and I use my phone as my alarm, like so many others do these days.

While many cases have stands, there are many super cute cases that I loved that I’ve turned down because they didn’t have stands.  The Gadget Grab makes it easy to have a stand anywhere.  One of the great things is that it not only will stick to and hold your gadget the way you angle it (within limitations of course), it will also hold stable to the surface you stick it to.  That means if you are a mom on the go, you can stick it wherever you need it to stay while you jog behind the stroller, cruise through on errands or even on to the shopping cart while shopping.  Keep the little ones entertained or hold your tunes where you want them all without you having to worry about your gadget falling or your toddler tossing it to the ground.

The only thing I have found thus far is that the green part that holds the gadget is super strong, which means if you do like I did and skip over the directions, you’ll regret it.  It stuck so well to my tablet, even after carrying it around by the gadget, that I had a hard time getting it off.  When they say it holds, they mean it.  The directions, of course, tell you to press the green part to a nonporous surface before use.  Doing that will help your Gadget Grab hold but not stick too much.  This is important, if you don’t remember anything else before using this project, remember this!

After sticking the Gadget Grab to a nonporous surface, I couldn’t get it to stick to my phone.  Unfortunately, that renders this product unusable.  Perhaps you’ll have better luck, perhaps you won’t.  One way or the other, I can’t in good conscience suggest this product as I feel it is a waste of money.  I’m hugely disappointed as I had very high hopes for this product.
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