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Croods: A New Age – Awesome Family Adventure!

Croods: A New Age will be in theaters Nov 25th, 2020! Finally awesome something to be excited about!

By now, ya’ll know I’m into all things that kids get into, especially children’s movies! Love the adventures of the imagination that demand no logic, only bring joy!

Surely, you’ve seen the first Croods family films, right? If not, well get now so you can be ready for it! You can get the Croods Ultimate Collection here. They should all be in your video collection!

Croods: A New Age - Awesome Family Adventure!So what’s going on?

You can watch the Croods in A New Age trailor here if you like, but here’s a quick synopsis!

The Croods have been through a lot and always managed to survive, with many dangerous adventures and disasters! Not only did they survive pre-hisotic beasts but they survived the end of the world! They can survive anything, right? ha! In Croods: A New Age they have to survive the hardest thing of all: Family! We all know that one can be the toughest obstacle of all!

It’s time for  he Croods to find a new place to live, somewhere safe to call home. On their journey to find it, they come across the perfect, protected paradise that has everything they need. Problem solved right? Wrong! You see, The Bettermans live there. In all things of advancement, they are indeed ‘better’ or so it seems: fancy treehouse, super cool inventions and even have their gardens well irrigated!  They are so wonderful, that they even take in the Croods!

Croods: A New Age - Awesome Family Adventure!

Croods: A New Age - Awesome Family Adventure!Of course, we all know 2 families can’t live together for long without problems!

So problems arise, the Croods are cavemen and the Bettermans are definitely modern. It’s a disaster. Just when all seems lost, a new threat comes and both families must learn to embrace their differences, help each other and build a future together on an epic adventure of struggle!

Voice Actors

The fantastic cast of voice actors includes: Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Catherine Keener, Cloris Leachman, Clark Duke, Leslie Mann, Peter Dinklage and Kelly Marie Tran.


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  • Dana Rodriguez

    This looks cute. Great for family movie night!


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