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Tips for Writing Your Thesis

Are you thinking of doing a thesis but do not know where to start? Do not worry about these tips to do a thesis these problems are over.


Since we were children, we have visualized developing works that have caught our attention. Some have seen themselves as lawyers, others perhaps as teachers.


The bravest have chosen to be doctors or engineers. The truth is that all these races are wonderful. And, although after many years it is not the one you have chosen to study at the university, you must be proud to belong to the elite of future professionals who will take charge of shaping the world. www.edupeet.com/ will help you to know more about the thesis.


But before launching yourself into the world, you must finish your studies. The university is a temple of knowledge, where you will find people who, like you, made that important decision to continue with their higher education.


If you have been so decisive as to reach the end of the race, then you must already be facing the final research project.


The thesis is a work that exposes the research you have carried out , or simply wishes to publicize a project that you did. At this point, there are many who give up, because it becomes stressful, even more than the entire race. When you do the thesis you enter a world in which everything seems to conspire against you .


Do not worry, I’ve come to help you with the following tips to do a thesis.


Put these tips to do a thesis to test and check the results

Tips for Writing Your Thesis

Pick a topic

The subject is the most important part of the thesis. Without it, you cannot do your research work. In theory, a thesis is carried out to solve an existing problem, to contribute something new, or simply to make known results of tests and experiment. This is something that you need to keep in mind when choosing the topic of your thesis.


 It does not need to be something very ostentatious. We all seek to make a project that dazzles the jury, and even transcends beyond, but usually end up biting much more than they can chew. You must take into account your economic resources, and how you are going to mobilize. A good idea is to look for a problem in your community that can be solved with your knowledge.


Being in your same location will save you a lot of money in terms of transportation, as well as making things easier, since you will be working with people you already know. If you want to take your project to a company, you should be clear with managers / owners, and ask what kind of limitations you are going to have , since it is likely that there are confidential elements that can not be granted to you, but that you will need, and that will affect your thesis.


Find a methodologist

The research project is a relatively simple process. Simply it is to look for an element to solve or to investigate, and to do the necessary procedures according to the acquired knowledge. At this point it is something you should do with your eyes closed. But what brings the most problems to the student body is generally the methodology of the research.


The methodology represents a series of preliminary steps where you must show that there really is a need or problem to solve. If you cannot prove it convincingly, your project will be invalid. Having a methodology specialist is important at this point, as it will help you keep everything in order.


Choose a tutor

 The tutor is the person who will guide and evaluate you. It is to whom you must report your progress, and in turn you must give your work to make revisions, and that you can adapt your work to the requirements of your university. Choose a good tutor is essential when you want to do a thesis, otherwise you can get frustrated to the point that you will desist.


The best tutor you can find is one who has extensive knowledge in research methodology, and if he is a professor at your university, even better. Having a tutor who is a methodologist, saves you from having another person, with different ideas that influence your work, which will save you a lot of headaches. But most importantly, this tutor must have good knowledge in the subject that you are dealing with in your thesis.


Collect background

When it was my turn to do my research project, I was surprised to learn that I should look for other theses that deal with the same topic as my project, or at least treat a point that could influence it. Although at first I saw it as something useless and absurd, with time I understood that this background would give me the necessary help to finish my project.


The first thing you should do is to look for similar work in your university, which deals with the same topic as your thesis. If you do not find, then look for papers that deal with topics that can help you to complete your thesis.


Once you have exhausted all the possibilities in your university, then go back to other universities to carry out the same process. You must remember that these should not be very old. In my case, they must have been at least five years old.

Tips for Writing Your Thesis

The theoretical framework

In the theoretical framework is where all those concepts that you will try throughout your thesis will be placed. This is another thing that seemed useless to me, but as in the previous point, I understood that it was necessary. To know why, you simply have to change the perspective.


Imagine that this thesis is going to be delivered to a person who does not even have the minimum knowledge of what is proposed in the degree project. Here, then, is where the theoretical framework comes into play because, any doubt that the person has, they should simply look for the reference within the same thesis.


Do not make the same mistake as me, the theoretical framework is not a section where you faithfully copied concepts from books and now. On the contrary, you should help with Bibliographical references, but in the end you are the one who will give a clear definition of each concept.


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You should also bear in mind that, even the simplest and dumbest definition you can imagine, but that you treat in your work, you must include it in the theoretical framework.


The final chapter

In the last chapter, it is where you must expose the results of the work you have done. If it is a proposal of law, you must plasm it and explain it in detail. If it is an engineering design, you must support with graphs and calculations the reason for each piece, without neglecting even the smallest screw, otherwise it could be a potential disaster.


You must bear in mind that your thesis will end up being applied, and if the results are not what you expected, then your thesis is worthless.


At this point it is important to emphasize special care in the details. If you wish to expose an article, or scientific study, a misplaced word, or simply have an erroneous interpretation of the facts, it can lead to disaster. For those who make designs, but have little budget, I recommend that you help with computer simulations that can be found on the network.

Tips for Writing Your Thesis: Strategies for Writing Better



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