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Complete Photo Guide to Cardmaking

The Complete Photo Guide to Cardmaking is a fantastic book for anyone who is currently making or wants to learn the art of making homemade cards! It’s also a fantastic resource for those who love scrapbooking!

Complete Photo Guide to Cardmaking and Give Thanks Giveaway Hop!There’s something special about getting a card in the mail, especially when you are little! The Complete Photo Guide to Cardmaking helps us take that special up a little more! Plus, it enables us to connect with people we care about who live far away. I’ve got a whole list of other ways to connect here if you are interested.

I’ve received homemade cards from my Granny and Aunt. I will absolutely admit that those cards were spectacular. It was like a bonus that they put a little extra effort into the cards. Of course, that could have also been because of who they are to me.

No matter what the reason, getting cards in the mail (especially when you are a kid) is super special. I use to think it was the best thing in the world when I’d get cards in the mail as a child. Now, I send them with a few stickers to my nieces and nephews for every birthday.

Anyway, while I’ve been doing scrapbooking for quite some time now I never really got into making cards. Not because I didn’t want to but because I felt lost with a picture to inspire me. The Complete Photo Guide to Cardmaking should fix that, right?

Complete Photo Guide to Cardmaking and Give Thanks Giveaway Hop!Craft Book Reviews

Normally when I do craft book reviews, I do a full breakdown of the chapters with descriptions of each. However, this book has so many that it’s a little difficult to do it that way. There are 250 pages and each ‘chapter’ is anywhere from 4-24 pages. Needless to say, there are a lot! So, for this book I’m going to break it down some.

There are a ton of pictures in every section and subsection. Nobody can take this book and not get how to do what it’s teaching because the photos are so detailed.

  • Cardmaking Basics includes tools, materials and some different skills. It even teaches how to make envelopes! No searching for or having to buy envelopes, though you can click that link and order some. haha (affiliates need love too LOL)
  • Card Styles and Methods: There are twenty different styles and methods, all complete with amazing step by step photographs! It is wonderful! Some of my favorites (because I’ve never done them or really knew how on some) are: decoupage, natural elements, Mizuhiki (no idea what that was before!), quilling, origami, pop-up cards (I LOVE THOSE!), window cards, embossing and painted cards.
  • Glossery: that really does not need a description…
  • Suppliers: that either but there are two full pages of companies and links!
  • Patterns: there are a few patterns, for envelopes and projects from the book

There are a couple more but those are the ones you are going to care about in your card making journey! The book is written by Judi Watanabe and includes over 800 photos! It is very thorough for sure!

See it online here!


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