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Quilling: Everything You Need to Get Started

Quilling has always been a fascination for me and it’s always exciting to start a new creative outlet! This book walks us through it to make some fantastic new projects!

Are you a Black Friday person (2020 Black Friday ads here!) or a DIY gift person? I’m probably a little of both. I tend to shop throughout the year so there isn’t much of a need when Black Friday rolls around.

Quilling: Everything You Need to Get StartedThe Art of Modern Quilling

Written by Erin Perkins Curet, this book is stocked full of easy to follow directions and photographs  to guide everyone easily to a new fun and exciting hobby! With each chapter, skill is built so that you can create something useful, whimsical or something you can even give as a gift. There are also pro tips all throughout the book to make things easier and your skills better.

The book is full of step-by-step instructions to get you started. Though I set out to grab the supplies to begin this new hobby, I quickly forgot my shopping list and haven’t been able to start thus far but I’m excited to (finally) get started soon!

Quorto Knows BooksThis book is published by Quarto Knows, you can also check out some of the other fantastic books that I’ve reviewed from them here.

What You Need to Get Started Quilling

Getting started is far more simple than one might imagine, in my head it was going to be far more difficult! There are, of course, many other supplies and tools one might need down the road, but after you get the book you really only need these four things to get started!

  • Quilling Tools & Rollers (the book does say you can do it without them, but it is more difficult and -quote- tedious)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Quilling Strips: make sure it’s acid-free, archival and colorfast. The book does include instruction on cutting your own if you’d prefer.
  • Enamel Sealer

You can also get everything except the sealer, along with a fantastic storage box in the Quilling Kits they have!  Once you get the hang of it, you can invest more heavily into supplies but these are fantastic for getting you started!

Chapters in the Book

  1. The Basics: This chapter is just what you would guess, it informs us of the materials and tools necessary, covers various sealers discusses paper types and how to cut your own quilling strips.
  2. Quilling Shapes: This chapter teaches us with step by step instructions how to make fourteen different shapes. The first project in the book is how to make a shapes board. The shapes board will help you to have a reference for the shapes you’ve mastered and which are available when doing projects, such as mosaics. Next, they teach how to make wineglass charms, a beautiful silhouette mosaic, basic mosaic of any shape you’d like, and a butterfly mobile.
  3. Round and Needle Forms: This chapter covers quilling using circular forms such as needle forms, dowels, stacked forms and random round objects around the house. It teaches how to do stacked quilling towers to make more at a time and to have plenty on hand when you start larger projects. Next, there are directions for making Teardrop Swirl Earrings, Dewdrop necklaces, an arching candle holder, and even a Mandala Wall Clock.
  4. Chapter Four: This chapter teaches how to use shaped forms (like cookie cutters!)! The projects include a Retro Television Ornament (which I love) and an adorable Whale Pencil and Phone holder.
  5. Quilling Molds: This chapter teaches us how to use quilling molds to make projects 3-D and add an extra pop (pun totally intended). Projects include Quick Roll Coasters, Open Dome Earrings, Paper ‘Pearl’ Necklaces and a Squared Sun Mosaic!


One lucky winner will receive their very own copy of

The Art of Modern Quilling



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21 thoughts on “Quilling: Everything You Need to Get Started

  • Sharon Braswell

    I have never heard of quilling before! I am interested in making jewelry and I like the way the jewelry looks on the book cover. I understand I can make jewelry like this and more from paper strips using the required special tools. I find this fascinating!!

  • Ellen Thompson

    I’ve really been wanting to try quilling. I’ve seen a lot projects on pinterest and I think it would be fun to make some stuff. I think this book would be really helpful to learn the technique.

  • Laurie Nykaza

    I didn’t know you could make jewelry with it so the book is perfect to learn to do it.

  • latoya

    I’ve never even heard of quilling before this post. I love the images of the little butterflies in the image preview of the book. I think it would be cool to make art with strips of paper.

  • I have been interested in learning about quilling. This would give me the opportunity to try it on these cold winter days.

    • I definitely think this winter is going to give us plenty of time where we can’t really go anywhere! Seems like it will join in the efforts of 2020 to be particularly brutal!

  • My granddaughter has done some quilling before and we enjoy paper art in our home.

  • I would love to give it a try with my daughter.

  • Kortney Lah

    I have honestly never heard of quilling until now. It looks so fun, and the work actually turns out so beautiful and elegant! I loved the wine charms.

    • I loved them too! I can’t wait to start! I feel like it will be very relaxing.

  • Carrie

    I have wanted to learn quilling for years. I think it is so beautiful. I m excited to explore this book and learn!

  • Merysa Cortez

    I have never heard of quilling! It looks interesting! This book looks so helpful! I love how one of the projects is a Butterfly Mobile! So cool! 🙂

    • I loved the mobile as well! Thought it would make the most amazing gift for new parents or for any kid’s room!

  • Ken Ohl

    my wife has been wanting to learn how to quill she would love to get started

  • cindy legg

    i love making quilts i have even sold some n gave some as gifts but i would love to learn more about modern quilting i do mine old style

  • I have never done this, but it looks so fun!

  • Jana Leah

    This would be a great gift for my cousin. She’s a quilter. I love seeing her quilting projects.

  • Debbie CAMPBELL

    I had no idea you could make so many cool things from paper. I would love to learn more from this book about Quilling.

  • Christina Gould

    When I first saw the book, I thought it said “Quilting” and I was wondering what paper had to do with quilting, lol. I’ve never heard of quilling. I’d love to read the book.

    • I’d seen stuff but haven’t tried it yet! I’m super excited to though!

  • Eva Millien

    I’ve been very curious about this, I would love to have the book and get started on learning a new craft! Thanks for sharing!


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