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5 Stunning Historical Homes in Charleston, SC

Historical Homes are absolutely beautiful and I love the stories that they tell. Check out this post for some amazing places to visit in Charleston, South Carolina.

5 Stunning Historical Homes to Visit Charleston South Carolina

While the history of places may not be pretty, much of the architecture is stunning! I love the designs, the colors, the stories and so much of them! I also believe it is important for us to remember history and know it, lest we repeat it. I will admit, I always wonder what the walls of places would say if they were elders or gossiping women. It would seriously make people behave a little better, or destroy their homes. Either way, it would be fascinating. LOL

After doing my post on historical sites in Charleston before, I wanted to explore the houses a little more so I decided to share some with you. Below are some of my favorite historical homes in Charleston, SC!

5 Stunning Historical Homes To Visit

The Edmondston-Alston House

Built in 1825, this house is designed in the late Federal style and later re-designed in in the Greek Revival Style. In an interesting little turn, one of the houses on the property has become a Bed and Breakfast! With a stay there, you get a free tour of the house filled with furniture, photographs and items of tenants long gone. I would love to see this house at Christmastime!

The Middleton Place

Built in the 1700’s, destroyed later by the Union army (for good reason), The Middleton place is full of history. I love that they have gathered so much information and you can go there to learn about not just the ‘masters’ but of those of the slaves as well. I love that they are honoring the people forced into slavery by telling their stories.

The Aiken-Rhett House

This house has been preserved through the years since it’s origin in the 1820’s. A townhouse, rather than mansion, makes this one very interesting to me. Of course, it was a townhouse with slave quarters and therefore much different than a townhouse we would have today. The slave quarters can be seen almost completely untouched, giving one a better idea of how they lived. So different than the white people in the main house.

The Nathaniel Russell House

I’m just gonna say, I’m crazy over the dining room in this house. I love the color of the walls, as well as the fact that the walls are so colorful! I hate the drab white walls through houses! LOL. This house is a restored house, but was built in 1808 and had a cost of $800k+ when the average house cost less than $300! As you can imagine, it is gorgeous!

The Heyward-Washington House

This one was built in 1772 and was home of one of the 4 Declaration of Independence Signers that were from South Carolina. It was also the home of George Washington (who, by the way, was a Free Mason) when he stayed in South Carolina during his presidency and had influence of Revolutionary War officers, abolitionists and suffragettes! So much history there and I love the American made colonial furniture! It’s stunning!


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