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If We Were A Movie: #BookReview

Book Summary

Music meets Movies in this sweet college romance from the bestselling author of Cinder & Ella & V is for Virgin.

NYU freshman Nate Anderson is a triplet who is desperate to escape his wild and crazy brothers. After they screw things up for him one too many times, Nate flees his housing situation and takes the first available room for rent as far from his brothers as he can get.

Enter his new roommate Jordan-a quirky LA girl who believes that everything in life has already been done in the movies. In this heartfelt tale of friendship, family, life, and love, Nate learns how to deal with his new adult life using Hollywood films as a guide.

***This book is part of a multi-author project that features one recurring character-The Match Maker-but it is a STAND-ALONE novel.***

If We Were a Movie #BookReview

Book Review

Sometimes to write a book review, I have to think long and hard. I’m always a little nervous at the thought of a ‘real’ author reading my silly little website. Every now and then though, I have so much excitement about a book that I can’t worry about what they think.

I just write. This book is one of them. I have a thing where if I’m not interested in the first three pages, I’m done. I can’t or won’t force myself to read something that doesn’t quickly draw me in.

If We Were a Movie drew me in quickly and I couldn’t put it down. I finished the book in two days, letting my other responsibilities take a hard backseat. I think my husband is still mad that he didn’t get any conversation for an entire evening because I couldn’t stop reading.

The title of the book intrigued me from the beginning and the book gave what it promised in that paragraph meant to steal all of our attention. A love story with twists and turns, it gave what it promised and then some.

Rather than my typical disappointment when a book ends, I am excited to know Kelly Oram has a series of books related called the MatchMaker Series. It is not often that I find an author whose books I feel like I must read, but this one is one of those rare ones.

I normally say something along the lines of ‘you should’ or ‘must read’ but this time, I’m just going to say if you don’t read it, you are missing out. To quote Levar Burton from Reading Rainbow, “Don’t just take my word for it…”

Author Info & Links:

Kelly OramKelly Oram wrote her first novel at age fifteen-a fan fiction about her favorite music group, The Backstreet Boys, for which her family and friends still tease her.

She’s obsessed with reading, talks way too much, and likes to eat frosting by the spoonful. She lives outside of Phoenix, Arizona with her husband, four children, and her cat, Mr. Darcy.

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2 thoughts on “If We Were A Movie: #BookReview

  • Dorothy Boucher

    This sounds like a great book and I’m sure many of us have thought about if our lives where a movie, I know I have.

    • For sure! I am pretty sure mine would be an ongoing movie series that switches between drama and comedy!


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