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LivBar: Super Food Snack

LivBar has super healthy snacks that you’ll love! Get fit this year with snacks that don’t come with guilt!


It’s Crunch Time

Don’t know about you, but I’ve spent far too much time making excuses. Just one more cookie, m&m, or whatever I’ve got on hand is like a mantra sometimes. I don’t care becomes my excuse quite often as well. But sometimes I get on a kick and take care of myself for a while.

It’s that time. I’ve gotten a taste of being able to fit into clothes that don’t need addition in the title and I liked it. A lot. Then came the excuses and I’m back. But I remember that taste enough o want it back!

My Bad Habit

Well, one of them. Snacking. For no reason. For every stupid reason one can think of: I’m sad, I’m bored, I’m sedentary and so on. You get the point. It’s my bad habit. I’ve quit smoking and the snack habit got worse. A lot worse. (see, check out that excuse!)

I also have to admit, all of my get in shape gumption seems to have gone out the window! Really need to have a better focus on health and fitness!  Imagining my potential…

LivBar Health SuperFood


Trying out LivBar. It’s gotta be healthy as they are gluten, soy, dairy, corn, nut and GMO free! LivBar was created as an answer to what protein bars were the best, both healthy and flavorful. Gabe and Jan Johansen are Nutrition and Fitness consultants who created LivBar.

While my immediate reaction wasn’t a total love for the texture and flavor, I feel like once I get use to the texture I’ll enjoy them a lot more!  Definitely packed with flavor!  They’ve definitely given me a healthier alternative to my past bad habits!

My favorite, of course, is the Coffee Maple Cacao!

LivBar: Super Food Snack

5 LivBar Flavors

Vegan Lemon Ginger Tumeric

Vegan Lemongrass Cherry Matcha

Blueberry Vanilla Kale

Coffee Maple Cacao

Raspberry Kale Maca

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  • Victoria Barbour

    LivBar’s are healthy organic snacks which will give you energy-awesome!


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