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PainMaster: Pain Relief on the Spot

When I was a kid, I played with my two older cousins.  They were boys and they were tough.  They treated me like I was a weak little girl, so I was on a mission to prove them wrong.  Thus began my beginnings of being super rough on my body.  I’ve done some crazy things, walked half a mile on a fractured ankle, climbed up the sides of cliffs with my lead rope, been thrown from and dragged by horses, and so much more.  I was constantly hurting myself.  Tough girl, see, I was tough.

Now I’m grown and realize that perhaps I wasn’t so tough after all. I have hip, back, wrist, ankle and knee pain.  Good times.  Of course, I’m only 30 right now so they don’t hurt constantly yet but when they get aggravated, they make me pay.  I don’t take anything for the pain, as I know it is only going to get worse.  I’d prefer to kill my kidneys and liver when I’m too old to care about keeping them.  At the moment, I deal.  Honestly, I can handle it until it makes me mad, then it becomes unbearable.  The pain that makes me mad is the pain that either keeps me awake at night or stops me from doing what I want to do.  My wrist, for example, recently kept me from typing or doing any crafts.  Of course it’s my right wrist and I am right handed because that’s what happens when you think your body is tougher than it is!

Before I was contacted about a review, I had seen the Painmaster on various websites.  I was in the middle of severe wrist pain, which of course hinders everything I do, and I had kept it in a wrap for weeks with no improvement.  It was actually to the point that I was beginning to take aspirin for it every now and then.  That may not be much to you, but I do all I can not to take medicine of any kind.  If it’s not medically necessary, I am not in favor of taking it.

I will admit I was skeptical.  It’s an extremely small device, I wondered how efficient it would actually be.  I saw no negative effects and the pain was getting rough so I decided to give it a shot, even though it doesn’t specifically say it’s for use on your wrist.  I figured the premise was the same regardless of where the injured part was.  Besides, I had nothing to lose!  So, I put on my wrist the Painmaster per the directions and wore it for about 4 days.  It wasn’t long until the pain had been minimized and was almost gone.  Granted, my injuries go pretty deep so it will never be completely gone but the amount of pain that was left was negligible.  I barely notice it.

The PainMaster uses Micro Current Therapy to provide relief in one spot.  It is re-useable for up to 250 hours.  The only downside that I find is that it only comes with one set of patches.  With only one set, they have already started to be less sticky.  Of course, that could be due to the fact that I had it on my wrist where it is curved.  Perhaps it wouldn’t be the case if I had it on a flat surface like my back.  Regardless, the lasting power of the sticky stuff on the patches isn’t all that great.  I have a feeling the battery will far outlast the patch, which of course will make it useless.  Another thing I disliked was that it took at least 24 hours or more before I noticed a difference.  However, one can’t argue that after that period the pain was a lot milder.  All in all, I think the PainMaster is a great product.  It definitely made a difference on my wrist!

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From The Company

Micro Current Therapy, commonly referred to as MENs (Micro current Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation), begins with small, pulsating currents of electricity. These currents are finely tuned to the level of the normal electrical exchanges which take place at the body’s cellular level. Being biologically compatible with the body these micro currents can penetrate the cell to bring pain relief.

You won’t feel any physical sensations when you use the Micro Therapy Pro™ unit. You will know that the Micro Therapy Pro™ is working when the red indicator light on the patch is lit which tells you that the microcurrent is flowing through the affected tissue from one patch to the other.

Inflamed cells resist the body’s natural electrical current, reducing the supply of blood, oxygen and vital nutrients to the cell. The Micro Therapy Pro™ microcurrent technology penetrates inflamed cells bringing direct pain relief.



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