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PetTreater Space Box: Subscription Box Review & Discount

Pet Treater sent us the most fun subscription box! A new toy, new accessories and a snack! Duke the Service Dane was over the moon, pun intended!

Pet Treater Space Box

Pet Treater Space Box: Subscription Box Review & DiscountThis month’s box was a fun Space Adventure! We had an out of this world, high flying space toy, a space themed bandana suitable for every dog in space (it even glows in the dark), and a package of Sergeant Skippy’s Space Bites! We’ve got everything short of the space ship around here! Of course, I think we could build one out of some cardboard boxes!

I’ve been amazed at how much Duke the Service Dog loves the high flying out of this world toy by Hyper-Pet. I’m also quite impressed at how well it’s holding up! It has a tennis ball in the middle, so he recognized the ball right off the bat and got super excited. Since it’s in the middle of a well sewn toy, the ball hasn’t gotten destroyed. Duke is 140+ pounds and has calmed down with destroying things but he still gives it a good try.

The bandana, well, there’s not much to say about it. It’s adorable and does indeed glow in the dark after only a little light exposure. I do wish it had been a little larger, but then I’ve got a giant breed so it’s a miracle it fits at all! We’re excited to bust it out at next year’s charity glow run!

Now to Sergeant Skippy’s Space Bites! Manufactured by the Pound Bakery in Illinois, these particular treats are grain free (per my dog’s diet request) and the company boasts to use all natural, human grade ingredients.

Pet Treater Space Box: A SubscriptionCheck out their Website

Pet Treater Space Box: Subscription Box Review & Discount

Pet Treater Subscription Boxes

Pet Treater is a subscription box service for your dog or cat. After answering a few questions about your furbaby, they will ship you out a package with goodies. All packs, for both cats and dogs, will take into consideration age and dietary restrictions. There are various price points to fit your budget and they even have a contest every month, giving away something special to the winner! If you’d like to check the fabulous pictures and see some of the past boxes, search for hashtag PetTreater.

One of my favorite things about Pet Treater is that all of their products are made in the US or in Canada. Nothing cheaply sewn that will fall apart quickly but rather quality toys and treats you can trust.

Pet Treater Space Box: Subscription Box Review & DiscountDog Packs

Dog Packs come with a choice of treats, toys or a combination of both. They customize the toys to your pets size and activity level.

Pet Treater Space Box: Subscription Box Review & DiscountCat Packs

To treat your cats, they have a couple of options as well. You can choose from a single cat home to a multiple cat home and receive anywhere from 3 to 8 fun cat goodies!

Enter Discount Code CRAFTYZOO20 for 20% off your first Subscription month!

We’d love to hear your thoughts! Would your pet just go crazy with their own mail???


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