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Scrubbing Bubbles Deal: Got Paid $2.75 to Buy!!!

Scrubbing Bubbles Deal! We all love free, but super cheap is it’s only runner up!  This deal is too good to miss AND something that we all need!     Hurry, it’s a limited time offer!

Okay, so here’s how to get it super cheap!

Scrubbing Bubbles Deal: only 64 Cents!!!

Purchase 3 Scrubbing Bubbles Gel Products and 1 Toilet Bowl Cleaner  from Wal-Mart.  My loot is pictured, minus one gel pack because I used it before I remember to take the photo…  Sorry about that but it looks the exacts same so you can picture it in your head. haha.


What I Purchased: 

2 Scrubbing Bubble Fresh Gels at $3.97 each

1 Scrubbing Bubbles Value Pack at $6.88

1 Scrubbing Bubbles Multi Surface Bathroom Cleaner at $2.87


Total: $17.69

My Redemptions:

Using Coupons.com App: $3.14 rebate via paypal

Scrubbing Bubbles for only 64 Cents!!!

Using ibotta : $1 per Fresh Gel Purchase ($3.00 Total)

Scrubbing Bubbles for only 64 Cents!!!

Submitted Receipt to Swagbucks: 800 SB which equals $8.00 rebate

Submitted to MyPoints: 1300 points (equal to $6.30 once cashed out via paypal)

You are obviously intelligent enough to know that my purchase cost $3.55 total.  However, my Wal-Mart only had 2 of the Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Gel single packs.  Had I been able to get three, I would have paid only 64 cents!  As it stands, I paid a little more.  Since I needed the products anyway, I’m okay with that.

***Update: After adding my MyPoints rewards, the total came to -$2.75!  Woot Woot!!!

In addition to the stuff listed above, I also use Receipt Hog, which takes a while but eventually you can cash in via paypal or for Amazon gift cards.  I also use Fetch Rewards, another site which you can redeem for Paypal cash, Visa gift cards, or a ton of other gift cards.  If you sign up for Fetch, I would love if you’d use my referral code.  😀  Something has to pay for my website habit or hubby will cut me off!  haha

Fetch Rewards:: Free Money for Groceries You Already Buy!

I am super stoked about the Scrubbing Bubbles Deal, especially that I had to clip NO coupons!  I’ve totally crashed off that wagon out of sheer laziness.


My Old Friend, the Big Green G #Spon


Let me get this party started by letting you know that this is a sponsored post.  If you have read some of my past reviews, you should know by now I have absolutely no problem saying something negative if it is my opinion, so I hope you know that the opinions and thoughts listed below are my own.  Now that the ‘ugly business’ is taken care of, let’s move on!

For whatever reason, Groupon is like a long lost friend for me.  You know, the kind that doesn’t live close anymore, whom you think of so very fondly.  The one that always kept you out of trouble or rushed to your side when you were deep off in it.  Though you may not see them often, when you do it is like time stopped and you are completely and utterly happy.  When looking for sales, deals and special ways to treat myself, I quite frequently forget about my beloved Groupon.  I search and search and then, suddenly, I come across the perfect deal, gift or getaway package and alas, I am back sitting with my friend.

The latest way my old friend has saved my bacon yet again.  One could say literally, since all the money they save me could quite easily buy a few cases of high quality, fabulous bacon!  LOL.  So, let me tell you how!  So, hubs and I are super hot sleepers.  To the extent that even though the days may be averaging low 70’s, we have 3 fans running in our bedroom to sleep at night.  I would rather not even begin to talk about our electric bill from that fun little habit.

SO, as I’m trying to think of some alternative way to keep cool while sleeping, I literally am hit with Groupon Mattress Toppers!  Mattress toppers are expensive so it didn’t seem like a great idea but Groupon, as is that good old habit of theirs, offers a variety at a much more discounted price than I have been able to find at box stores.  Groupon has a Gel Memory Foam mattress cover at a fabulous price that will help channel away body heat, not to mention a little additional comfort to our already amazingly comfortable bed!groupon-mattress-topper-deal

In case you are in doubt, let me confirm for you, that is a deal that is normally $300 but now just $54.99!  Made even more awesome since I have a King size bed, which always means a little more on the price tag.  Now that I’ve solved that problem, I’m thinking my niece needs one for her dorm room bed.  We all know how very important it is to get a good night’s sleep, especially when spending one’s day’s studying so that you can support your Auntie in her old age….buy your Auntie a nice sport’s car….get a quality education!

If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got more shopping to do!  Hubs never has to know when the electric bill goes down, I’ll just change that to my secret shopping budget…  (For each and every time he has said he reads/follows the Zoo, yet another little secret poured out that he will miss, LOL)  You can get updates so that you never miss a fabulous deal (I’m following now) on facebook and twitter!

Have you found any fabulous deals from Groupon lately?

Tell me all about them!  I’m always looking for them!