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The Accessory You Need, No Matter What Your Lifestyle!

This accessory is one that every person could use, and use often!  For so many reasons.  Check them out and get yours.  You’ll be amazed you ever lived without it!

The Accessory You Need, No Matter What Your Lifestyle!

So many uses for the Yummy Pouch bags!  They are, of course, made to keep snacks in but I’m currently using them for make-up in my purse which, let’s just face, it might as well be a suitcase!  If it spills or leaks, yummy patch will keep it in and I can wash it easily without needing to clean my entire purse!

I love the colors and patterns they have!  There so many different colors but the ones I chose are pictured below.  I love them and I really have a thing for the Paisley and Chevron patterns!

Of course, you can use them for sandwiches and snacks given that they are designed for it!  They perfectly fit a sandwich or small pita.  The snack size bags easily fit serving sizes of most snacks.  They are especially wonderful for road trips and diaper bags.

Yummi Pouch also has larger wet bags for wet clothes and cloth diapers.  It is always amazing how somehow children manage to get either wet or filthy, no matter where you are or what you doing!

Be sure and check out the entire Yummi Pouch Collection!  I’m sure that you’ll find one that you later love and you’ll definitely love them when you get yours!  They are so versatile!  Take a minute add them to your wishlist and get started ordering yours today!  Trust me, they will become a favorite accessory very quickly!

[amazon_link asins=’B00AJFHG8A,B00NT9C660,B0198DH8B8|B00LAFKTL4,B00AJFHG8A,B01928MIQO|B00I1AE4A8,B01N63ZAG6,B00AJFHG8A,B00NT9DUKG,B00NT9C660|B00NT9C660,B01FTMZWME,B01FRRWJWW,B01FRS8QTG,B00AJFHG8A,B01FRRQ4E6|B00LAFKTL4,B01FTMZWME,B01MSIO5B9,B00NT9DUKG,B01N90UVFB,B01N8SIXSX,B01N75I3GC|B00I1AE4A8,B019X1Z402,B01N75CN9H,B00LAFKTL4,B00DLXYEDM,B00AJFHG8A,B00FZUHURQ’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’myc084-20|mcz1478-21|mcz9963-21|mcz4567-21|mcz123-21|canmcz-20′ marketplace=’US|IT|MX|FR|DE|CA’ link_id=’d8d75442-b076-11e8-a9ca-b9d9144b8863′]



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