Why I’m Having an #IconicSummer #Sponsored


This summer Pepsi is asking what is making our summers iconic.  I thought long and hard about what my answer would be.  My Monkey’s and I will be making a trip literally to the other side of the country (granted, we do live in the middle) and that seemed like the iconic memory for the summer.  As  I continued thinking, I realized what has already made my summer iconic.

I guess I will start from the beginning.  Well, sort of.  Long, long ago two girls somehow managed to become best friends.  Sisters.  A dramatic birthday catastrophe took average elementary school playmates and began a transformation into a deep, true friendship.  Unfortunately, adolescent stupidity pushed us apart.  In her defense, it was pretty much all my stupidity…  We can skip over that and save it for another day.

That stupidity took us apart for almost 10 years.  During that time, my heart yearned for our friendship.  I constantly found myself missing her, worrying about her, longing for a piece of me that was missing.

In the past year or so, we caught up.  Really, we just finally got our heads out of our butts and got together.  Through the years, we’ve had moments where we saw each other and talked for a moment, but we never made the time to find that lost love we shared.  A few weeks ago, we packed up and took our kids camping.  Me, her and 4 Monkeys roughed it at the creek for a few days.  Laughter, memorable moments, creepy pedo-man, a raccoon and a mudfight later we thrived.  Perhaps not physically, as I was super sunburned the day we managed to get the suntan lotion on the kids but not us.  Emotionally though, I feel whole again.  I am no longer missing something.

So, my summer is iconic because my best friend and I have reconnected. You know it’s true friendship when you can just pick up where you left off and everything feels the same!  I love that girl!

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24 thoughts on “Why I’m Having an #IconicSummer #Sponsored”

  1. I just sent my grandkids costumes to play with…we skyped and they showed them off proudly. Warms a grandma’s heart.

  2. Going to the movies with my husband…good times still after all our years of marriage. We still love each other and enjoy going out together.

  3. The weather…it hasn’t been too hot this summer. I like the warm air and enjoy just being out in it. So many beautiful iconic things about being outside.

    1. Though I hate the hardship part, I do love that when it’s all over we have (usually) made some great improvements in our lives. Saying a prayer for you now. 😀 Good luck!

  4. The weather isn’t too hot this summer…I don’t like hot days. Warm and sunny but not too hot. We haven’t hit 100 and have had most days in the 80s. Great weather!

  5. Iconic because I went camping with my son and his family in Mammoth Cave. I had never been there before.

  6. My summer has been iconic in the fact that we are restoring a old valley barn….. And making it a home…. I’m loving it! but very tiring…. A lot of Work!

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