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Shave Gel Showdown Skintimate vs Aveeno

Shave Gel Shodown: Skintimate VS Aveeno

Which product works better? Out of curiosity, I conducted my own experiment. Showdown between Skintimate & Aveeno!There are so many products out there it’s hard to figure out which are better. They all say that they do different things or offer some sort of ‘different quality, but in the end do we really know which is the superior product?

Personally, I end up either picking up the product that is the better deal or I like the smell of. I’m not real convinced that my method is particularly great, but it is the route that nails down a choice.

While out shopping recently, there was a woman shopping who chose a different shaving cream that I normally get so, being the incredibly outgoing person I am, I asked her why she chose it. After considering her thoughts, combined with the fact that I had a coupon for the product she was getting, I decided to try it out.

Her thoughts got me thinking about the difference in products. They say fabulous things, but which actually stands up to their claims? So, I decided to compare products.

Skintimate Shave Gel VS Aveeno Shave Gel



Lotionized Sensitive Skin $2.97 or 42.4₵ per oz Thin cream Faster growth, thicker & coarser hair

Positively Smooth

$3.96 or 53.4₵ per oz Thick Cream Less growth, less hair, smoother hair

My Experiment

Skintimate was the brand I had been using.  I shaved my right leg using Skintimate Lotionized for Sensitive Skin and my left leg using Aveeno Positively Smooth.  This was an interesting couple of days.

Judgement Time!

Days one and two were consistent with the results of day three.  On day three I picked 2 unbiased, unknowing people and had them state the difference based on sight and feel.  (Talk about awkward, they had no idea about the experiment so asking got me some funky looks. LOL)  Both judges, not in the presence of each other’s decision, stated that the right leg had more hair growth just by sight.  When they felt of each leg, they stated that the left leg was smoother, the hair softer, and that there was less hair.

My Findings

As you have probably figured out, I’ve concluded that Aveeno works much better.  My skin is softer and there is less hair growth.  In addition, the hair that comes back is less coarse and pokey.

Aveeno is the obvious winner between the two and I will definitely be using it from here on out.  Now I just have to figure out what to do with all of my Skintimate shave gel!  I want to say that I will use it up, but I hate shaving and since Aveeno made such a difference I just plain don’t want to go back!

Calling All Curious Folks

I rather enjoyed doing my little experiment.  I would love to do more and am keeping an eye out for things that I can experiment with.  Are there any products you’d like compared?  I’d be glad to be your guinea pig!  Just leave them in the comments below!  I’d also like to hear your thoughts on the experiment if you care to share!

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