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Valentine's Day

Valentine How to Make a Super Sweet Chocolate Box Card

Quick Simple DIY CardCathy's Flower's & EventsI love Valentine’s day!  Spent quite a lot of time working in my Granny’s flower shop growing up.  Something about the hustle and insanity in the back of a flower shop makes me so happy!  I have de-thorned more roses than I could ever count and loved every minute of it….  Well, perhaps not every one but lots of them.

That, ladies and gentleman, is one of the many reasons it’s better to get roses from a good flower shop than from the grocery store.

No worries about anyone getting stabbed with those awful thorns!  If you happen to live in the River Valley in Arkansas, I promise they are the best florist you will ever find!  Be sure and check out Cathy’s Flower’s & Events for all of your floral needs and event planning!  They did our wedding and it was absolutely gorgeous!

Valentine's Day Card

How to Make a Super Sweet Valentine Chocolate Box Card @Crafty_ZooDirections Using Cricut for This Valentine Card

For those of you who love your Cricut, I thought I’d share this adorable card I made!  Who doesn’t love chocolate boxes?  I found this one absolutely adorable and totally perfect for a quick Valentine! There’s something special about handmade cards. If you’d like to get more in depth and start making more, check out our post on The Complete Photo Guide to Cardmaking, we love it!

If you don’t already have a Cricut, I highly recommend them! They are incredibly versatile as far as what they can do and super easy to learn. They even have a ton of free projects to help create and inspire!

I used Paper Doll Dress Up Cricut Cartridge, it’s on the ‘prom boy’ Accessories 2, cut at 3 1/4 inch.  I used a sharpie to do the black (had to do 2 layers to get it dark enough) and a gold paint pen purchased at Hobby Lobby.  If you are using card stock, it won’t leak through.  I would suggest it but if you need/want to use thinner paper, just be sure and put something under it and let it dry before gluing it on.

No Cricut? No problem!

Recognizing that not everyone has a Cricut or that particular cartridge, I wanted to do an update on this post so that you can make it even without the machine.

As much as I love my Cricut, I realize that it has stifled my creativity. Prior to having one, I would sit and think of ways to make embellishments and such. Now, my tendency is to assume I can’t do things because I don’t have the right cartridge….  *sigh*

So, to make the card without the machine is simple. Flex those creative muscles!

Start by cutting out a heart, if you are like me and can never get them even, I recommend folding two different colored pieces of paper (card stock is best, but construction paper would do as well) in half and drawing half the heart, then cutting it out and unfolding. Lay the card you want to be the shadow down, then adjust the top card (would be box lid) on top. You may end up cutting the back layer to get it the layered look done properly.

If you’d like to give it a 3D pop, then put a piece of cardboard beneath the top heart. This is definitely an advantage of doing it by hand!

For the ‘ribbon’ on top, you will want to use 2 strips of paper. The first is going to go straight across the ‘back’ of the box. The second will go at an angle.

For the piece that is a sort of bow at the top, get super creative! It can be any design you like or you could even use tissue paper to appear as if it is coming out under the 3D part! The world is your oyster, get creative!

Valentine Poem for Inside Card

This is the inside of the card.  In order to use a scrap piece of card stock that would have otherwise been useless and made the card open vertically.  Added my little ‘poem’ and it’s ready to go!  Enjoy!!!

Valentine Card Words:

Sending love and kisses and

Sweet Valentine’s Wishes!

More Awesome Inspiration From Cricut!


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