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Boarding the Titanic

Boarding the Titanic

Titanic Museum Branson, MissouriBoarding the Titanic: Titanic Museum Branson, MO

Monkey and I took a trip to Branson, Missouri and checked out the Titanic Museum recently.  We really enjoyed visiting and learning so much about the ship and those aboard the Titanic!  They have a ‘phone’ system so that you can hear messages about various displays throughout the museum.  A really neat thing is that they have one for kids and one for adults.  I wasn’t able to hear the kids one, but the adult one was chalked full of information.

Boarding Passes

Upon entering the line to enter the ship, each guest is given a boarding pass.  The boarding pass tells you about the passenger featured on the card: age, where they were rooming on the ship, and where they were along with a little note from the passenger’s  perspective telling about themselves.  On the other side, they look like actual boarding passes.  Super cute.

The children’s pass, however, has a question scratch off that children can learn the answers to throughout the museum.  Towards the end of the museum, there is a Memorial Gallery where you can find out if your passenger survived or not.

I have to say, Monkey was going nuts throughout the whole thing looking for her passengers name as she was quite anxious over whether or not she survived.  She genuinely had a wonderful time searching for ‘herself’.

Shipboard Employees

One thing I have to point out are the employees.  They all treated us so well and were so very knowledgeable.  One gentleman, who looked very much like he could have been a captain on a ship, was especially helpful.  He met us at the Memorial Gallery and he was extremely knowledgeable!

He gave us a lot of information about the ship itself, the path and so forth.  Telling it as a very intriguing story that made us feel like we were actually onboard the Titanic.

There were names on the wall of all of the passengers and without being told anything but the name of the passenger, he was able to point you directly to the name as well as tell you a little about the character!  I asked him how he remembered them all and he informed me that all employees knew basic information about all the people on the boarding passes.

He then told me about how each employee took that information, found a topic they loved, and learned deeper knowledge of that subject.  His favorite was of the ship herself, and he shared with me many facts about the ship, explaining how the boiler room worked and other technical things that I hadn’t quite taken the time to understand.  I was very grateful to him for being so kind and imparting some of his wisdom to us!

Always Remember

There was a quote on the wall, which evades me at the moment, about how to honor those who perished on the Titanic through telling their stories.  It really stuck with me.  I hope you’ll take the time to visit one day and honor them as well.

If you can’t visit, they have an amazing page on their site where you can ‘get to know’ a new passenger every day! For me, learning about each of them is fascinating!  I have a love for people’s stories, always have.  There are so many things about the Titanic Museum that made it interesting, but I think that’s one of my favorites. I love how they dress in period costumes and make the Titanic ‘come alive’ again, safely landlocked!


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