Yummy Dominican Treats

IMG_5328This month’s Foodie Penpal Box was super!  They came from Bermary at Tastearoo.  Bermary has an amazing website with yummy looking healthy recipes!  You should definitly go and check them out!

Bermary is Dominican and she chose to send me some of her favorite Dominican treats, her personal faves and some homemade granola mix.  I was super excited.  In the box were plantain and yucca chips, Quest nutrition bars. guava paste, water crackers and caramel nips.  Oh, what a box!  She included a lovely note telling why she sent each of the items and a little about her.  It was lovely, as I was kind of slacking and wasn’t able to send a good note this time.  The March box will have a note, promise!

Iguava certainly enjoyed getting a chance to try out some Dominican snacks, but one stood out.  Bermary suggested that I take the water crackers and top them with some sliced mozzarella and guava paste.  I decided she probably knew what she was talking about and tried it out.  This is my new favorite snack.  One bite and I had to put it away.  It was way too good to eat too much of!  First time that has ever happened to me!  LOL.  I very much suggest trying it.  You will not regret it!!!

If you haven’t ever considered signing up, you should definitely try it out!  I just love getting new boxes every month and trying things out!  You can even let them know if you have any dietary restrictions so you don’t have to worry about not being able to try your treats!  Give it a try, who knows, you may find your new favorite snack next month!

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Originally posted 2014-02-27 23:34:52.

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