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Dental Probiotics: Enter to Win a 30 Day Supply Now!

Dental Probiotics aren’t necessarily new, but it’s definitely the first time I’d heard of them! Knowledge being power, I’m grateful to have learned this!

New Tried and True Path to Better Health Through Your Teeth!

I’ve written about a book that had uses for essential oils and dental health as well as dental health for dogs, but never really dove into the topic, so this is a treat! There’s so much of our diet, lifestyle and behavior that affects not only our health, but our teeth as well. The more I learn about the way different things interact in our body, the more fascinated I become.

For those of you who are thinking ‘duh,’ all I can say is you should have helped the rest of us learn while the more mature part of me thinks ‘bite me.’

Recently received cariPRO Dental Probiotics and have quite a bit to say about them. First off, I had no idea there were dental probiotics and it makes me wonder what has happened to our diets that there is so very much that we no longer get from it!

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What are Dental Probiotics?

Dental probiotics are strains of bacteria that helps stop the bad bacteria by using and growing good bacteria inside your mouth. Using them nightly after brushing/mouthwash/etc can provide many benefits.

How Can They Help You?

  • Immune system support
  • Prevent plaque
  • Reduces dental decay
  • Fight bad breath
  • Helps prevent oral cancer
  • Manage symptoms of gingivitis
  • Helps improve periodontal disease
  • Decrease inflammation from gum disease

Smile Brilliant…

SmileBrilliant Electric ToothbrushSmile Brilliant is a US based company made of dental professionals who have been creating products for dentists for more than 30 (combined I think) years. According to their ‘About’ section, they were previously doing this job for dentists. Their goal, it seems, was to cut out the middle man and they say that they can save over 70% of the time and cost it would take with a professional. Utilizing their services prevent the need for a dentist trip to obtain dental impressions (for custom night guards which really do need to fit comfortably, and therefor perfectly!) and whitening services, among others.

They also carry electric toothbrushes, water pics and various other items that will save your teeth. While I haven’t tried theirs, I can say that utilizing an electric toothbrush and water pic has improved my mouth health greatly.

CariPRO Dental ProbioticsWhen I eviscerated (read my c-section nightmare story here), due to even more poor health care at University of Arkansas Medical Sciences Hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas (just in case you needed a warning NOT to go there), I developed Periodontal Disease. I was in and out of consciousness for almost a week and not one staff member felt the need to have me do any oral care. I would literally be awake minutes at a time, which was enough for me to check on my infant (who was at the time fighting for her life at Arkansas Children’s Hospital) and pass back out.

Anyway, it took me a while to listen but when I finally got an and water flosser, my dental health improved so much! So, definitely recommend those!

Win a 30 Day Supply Dental Probiotics! 
SmileBrilliant has generously decided to join us in this fabulous giveaway for one lucky winner to win these!
Giveaway is open to US/APO/AFO, Canada and Australia! 






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6 thoughts on “Dental Probiotics: Enter to Win a 30 Day Supply Now!

  • Jennifer Blank

    I am not a huge fan of the whole electric toothbrush or even the idea of what it actually doesn’t do to help your teeth, but the custom feet night guard is def something I would look into for me and a few others in my family.

    • I have Periodontal Disease and since I’ve been using the electric toothbrush it has made a huge difference. I go to the periodontist for cleaning every three months so it was total confirmation when the lady who always cleans my teeth asked me what I was doing differently!

  • Chris L

    I’dlove to try the dental probiotics. The water flosser looks good too.

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  • Leela

    I went to the dentist for the first time in thirty years recently. Teeth are doing well and would like to keep them that way!


    This seems like a good product even for people who wear dentures.


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