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Vitamin Organizer DIY + $75 Vitamin Pack Giveaway

Vitamins are essential it seems, especially as we get older. This simple vitamin organizer will help you keep track of your vitamins without having random bottles everywhere.
The older I get, the more I wish I had paid attention to all those people talking about getting my vitamins in! There are so many vitamin rich foods that would have at least helped with that, but I didn’t care. The ignorance of youth, I suppose.
Nowadays, I take what I hope is a sufficient amount of vitamins making a Vitamin organizer completely necessary.
I have a weekly pill organizer, but I also like to use my old pill bottles. we’ve got a list of a ton of ways to re-use old pill bottles, I definitely recommend checking out that link as we frequently add to it! There are so many ways to keep things out of the mega trash piles (AKA landfills).

Step By Step Vitamin Organizer

How to Make a Vitamin Organizer

The Kleenex box is just tall enough for standard sized pill bottles (I put my daily doses of vitamins in old pill bottles) but if you left the ‘rim’ off of it, you could quite easily fit normal sized vitamin bottles.

  • Sufficient Sized Box
  • Scrapbook Paper, newspaper or construction paper
  • Glue
  • Adornments of Choice
  1. Find a sufficient box, I up-cycled a Kleenex box, and cut the top flaps off. You may choose to leave a rim or not. Since the Kleenex box doesn’t have the most rigid of sides, this one was left on about a quarter of an inch.
  2. Cover the sides with your choice of paper. I used scrapbook paper because I had it on hand but any paper you love would work, depending on the look you were going for. Comic strips would be great or even a decoupage of ads would look fabulous! Get creative!
  3.  If you would like the title on the box, cut out the letters with a Cricut or you could even print them and cut them out. If you are into letter art, it would look amazing with hand drawn letters!
  4. Depending on the look you want, you can glue the words directly on the box or you can use small pieces of cardboard to glue it on and give it some additional dimension. The box pictured uses two different sized pieces under the letters so that there are three variances in the depth.
    • If you intend to keep the box in the bathroom, I highly recommend sealing the paper with mod podge to keep the box in tact amidst the moisture.
  5. Add your embellishments! I used my crop-o-dile to add some but you could also glue on any sort of embellishments you’d like, such as small flowers, plastic pieces, etc.

Vitamin Organizer DIY + $75 Vitamin Pack Giveaway

Superior Source Vitamins is giving one lucky winner a fantastic prize pack!

This vitamin pack has an ARV of $75 and includes:

Zinc Plus, Just Women’s Iron, Coenzyme B Complex, Melatonin, K2 MK7, Biotin

National Healthy Children's Month @SuperiorSourceOne of my favorite things about Superior Source is that their vitamins are super small and they dissolve very well so that your body actually gets more of the vitamins you are taking. Seems counterintuitive when our body only gets a portion of the vitamins we give it!



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23 thoughts on “Vitamin Organizer DIY + $75 Vitamin Pack Giveaway

  • I’ve gotten away from taking vitamins, unfortunately. I want to get back into the habit of taking them, though.

    • That reminded me I need to get some more, I ran out today! Someone recently educated me on how we need to switch up our vitamins from time to time so that’s what I’m about to do.

  • Terri Schneider

    I use a monthly medicine/vitamin sorter. It makes it easy to keep track of and make sure I take them all as I need to.

    • A monthly one seems like a great idea, I just worry about the space, seems like it would be huge! Is it difficult to travel with, for example fitting into an overnight bag?

  • Audrey Stewart

    We have the usual weekly pill container that we use. We take vitamins and supplements every day, especially since we’ve gotten older.

    • It definitely seems the older we get the more we need! Or at least it does in my experience thus far. The vitamin box is perfect to keep all of my bottles in one place, I like to keep them under my nightstand.

  • Once a week I set aside my vitamins in a weekly pill container. That way they are labeled for what day and I don’t forget.

    • That’s what I do as well, if not I question whether or not I remembered to take my vitamins or if I’m remembering from yesterday. haha.

  • Not well, I’m not on any prescription medications but I try to take the vitamins as best I can.

    I had blood work done earlier this year and all my minerals and vitamins are good so that’s something.

    • Kudos to you! That is fantastic! I haven’t been tested, but there are things I know I’m not getting in my diet. Generally, if the vitamins don’t show a noticeable difference in the time it takes to take the whole bottle then I nix them.

  • Melissa Storms

    Quite honestly, I know I need an organizer because I forget my medicines and vitamins way too often.

    • Girl, that’s what got me started organizing them! It’s really helped me keep myself on track!

  • I must say I don’t do vitamins but I need to start looking at this and don’t really have medications thank goodness

    • I didn’t for years, right up until I absolutely had to. Now I wish I’d started earlier!

  • I have a weekly organizer for the viamins I take. I actually have two for a two week organization. Once my husband began taking vitamins I gave him one that I had as a backup and sets it up a week at a time as well.

    • Those things seem to be absolutely essential once the medicines start adding up!

  • alena SVETELSKA

    I keep mine in the medicine cabinet in my bedroom.

  • Teresa Kunberger

    I just seen my doc last week and my vitamins are an issue i seem to be super low on a ton of them!

    • Isn’t that crazy! I really need to get a doctor to do a workup! I am tired of doctors just throwing medicine at problems instead of getting down to the actual issues. It’s really making me dislike general practitioners in our area.

  • Darlene Owen

    Once a week I organize my medicines for morning and evening so I don’t forget them.

    • That’s what I do as well. Had to start when I couldn’t remember if I’d taken them or not from time to time.

  • Great idea, I have just done a craft project at home with a tissue box. I used some sticky back plastic and covered the box to make it look nice instead of plain cardboard with advertising on it! Saw you on link party, now google following you. Would love it if you popped by, would love it if you followed me too, Karima x

  • Great idea! I need to think about repurposing lots of boxes I use around the house. Thanks for the inspiration and thank you for linking up!


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