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Freeze Ahead Breakfasts For School, Work, On the Go Days

Freeze ahead breakfasts have saved our mornings! I hate buying unhealthy junk to start our days so we’ve decided to make a variety of breakfasts that can be put in the microwave to start a healthy, successful day!

Are you ready for the weekend!!!  I know I sure am!!!  Monkey was so excited about school starting Monday that she was going nuts and she is trying to drive me nuts!  So, tonight we are making some freeze ahead breakfasts that she can heat and eat before school.

We have made them in the past and they worked out well, except that we tend to do one at a time and burnout on them before they are gone.  To remedy this issue, we are doing a variety.  Smart thinking!  So, here are Five Freeze Ahead Breakfasts you can make for the kids or adults to have before it’s off to the daily grind!!!

So, Weekend Agenda:  Freeze Ahead Breakfasts Baby!!!

Then, all ya gotta do is stick em in the fridge the night before and you’ve got breakfast!  Heat and eat the healthier way!!! This is exactly what they do at the gas stations we tend to grab a quick breakfast at so we may as well make our own freeze ahead breakfasts. We’ll save time, calories, and money while having things we love! It’s a win all around.

Freeze Ahead Breakfasts

5 Breakfasts to keep you on time for Work and School

Breakfast Burritos: Make Ahead & Freeze or Enjoy Fresh!

These are great because you can put anything you want in them!  You can even slip in some veggies and the kids will love them still!!! We grew up eating them as a treat on Saturdays but I’d eat them everyday!

Make Ahead Breakfast Biscuits: Cheap, Quick & Easy On the Go Meal
Oh, come on, you know you love those little expensive things!  Now you can make them at home, fraction of the cost and way less fat (should you choose, of course!)


Either.  Both.  Doesn’t matter.  The great thing is you can add in chocolate chips, berries, nuts, whatever you like!!!  Plus, these don’t have to be thawed, just pop em in the toaster!  (or toaster oven)


To make the recipe I have and freeze, just pull it apart after it’s cooked and freeze individual servings!  Yummy!  Wrap the servings in plastic wrap after they’ve cooled and you are good to go!


Blueberry Muffins: Simple Sweet Fabulous!5.  Muffins
Any kind!!!  Healthy or not!  You can even make mini muffins for the little guys!  They are great because the kids don’t even have to heat them!  Just thaw them overnight on the counter (it won’t hurt, but you can thaw them in the fridge too) and enjoy!

What’s your favorite Freeze Ahead breakfast???

Freeze Ahead Breakfasts For School, Work, On the Go Days


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