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6 Tips to Defeat Sadness

tipsLet me start by being totally honest. While I hope this post helps you to feel better should you ever need the extra reminder, I’m writing this post because I am in a funk. I can think of a dozen things I need to do that I normally enjoy doing (like posting the reviews and giveaways sitting on my desk, making cookies  and Christmas gifts, or simply enjoying life) but instead I am sitting on this chair, having to force myself to do anything I enjoy. The odd thing is that I WANT to do the things I love, I just seem to be missing that umph that takes things from want to action. It’s not that my life is bad, I am very blessed, it’s just  those few things that nag and worry my thoughts until I can think of nothing else. I really hate those!  They drive me absolutely insane. Taking a normally happy person to dark depths of sadness, a constant malaise that holds so tightly it becomes hard to breathe or do anything enjoyable.
It just so happens that Christmas is a little over a week away as I’m writing this. Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year. I love decorating, making cookies, watching holiday movies, doing gift projects and so many other activities that accompany the holiday season. This year, however, my decorations haven’t made it all the way out of the box, no cookies have seen the inside of my oven and the gifts I’ve bought for my family remain unwrapped and disillusioned. I thought that if I forced myself, my holiday spirit would come back after I wrapped a gift or two, so I wrapped three and was reminded that this year I don’t particularly care. Not exactly my typical holiday spirit. Not at all, really.
So, here are some thoughts I found from around the web to help myself and any of you who may need it lay down the Christmas blues and pick up that holiday spirit. Hope they help us all!

  1. Read- Find an escape in something: a book, magazine, anything to get your mind on something else.
  2. Listen to Music- Find some feel good music and blare it!  Leave it playing while you go throughout your day, eventually it will get in there and you’ll find yourself moving!
  3. Socialize- I know, you have no desire to be social.  That’s okay, it’s understandable.  Thing is, it will help.  So force yourself to call that friend who always has something to say and let them do the talking for a while.  Go out to dinner, hang out somewhere, doesn’t matter what you do, just do something!
  4. Journal- just write whatever comes to mind, often we end up letting out that suppressed sadness and either find a solution or simply feel the relief of no longer holding on to it.
  5. Exercise- I don’t know what to say about this one, it’s not one I’m real excited about trying but I suppose it will be worth it if it helps, right….  If all else fails, I’ll try this one!  LOL
  6. Restrict Your Thoughts- whatever it is that plagues your brain with negativity- avoid it!  When your mind starts to go to it, redirect yourself to a more positive set of thoughts.  With time, it will become much easier and maybe even your new habit!

All that being said, I’m off to put it into practice.  Hopefully it will work and I’ll be feeling much better soon.  I hope that it helps you too!!!  In the meantime, leave some tips of what makes you feel better!  We could all use them!!!

Sending love and happy thoughts to all of you!

Originally posted 2013-12-17 15:03:09.

5 Ways to Sneak in Moments for Health & Happiness Sponsored by #NeoCell

Life is busy and taking care of myself almost always takes a backseat to everything else. Children, work, husband, house, pets, you name it, it probably will get taken care of before I remember that I haven’t eaten or exercised or taken a long, enjoyable shower as opposed to the ‘I’ve got ten minutes’ shower.  Even trying to write this post, I stopped a minute to go and dust without realizing it.  It wasn’t until I was dusting picture number 4 that it hit me I was supposed to be taking care of this article.  Perhaps I have a wee bit of an attention issue.  There’s just so much that I need to get done and only one of me, so I’m constantly going and seemingly my list grows and grows to the point of frustration, so I gave up on those.  The only thing I know for sure, is SOMETHING has got to give.  I have to find more ways of taking care of myself throughout the day aside from getting my teeth brushed and coffee made.

biotin-burstsNeoCell is part of how I’m adding to my self-care.  They have a great selection of vitamins, my favorites being helpful to my hair and nails (Lord knows I need something in that area!).  They’ve also got some that are made into chocolate, which has become one of my daily treats!  I was hesitant as they are chocolate and acai berry (which I am not a fan of the latter), but they taste wonderful.  As part of my new little moment to myself, I take one NeoCell Biotin Burst and just close my eyes, breathing in the air and indulging in the chocolate!  Biotin is a B vitamin that supports hair and skin health, they chews also support metabolism of proteins in the body to promote natural energy!  AND it’s in chocolate.  Win. Win. Win!  They have so many great vitamins but those are my favorite!  (Can’t imagine why!)


Get some vitamins! Obviously, I highly recommend the chocolate ones, but some total body is essential too and NeoCell has a great lineup of them! It only takes a minute to take them as part of your routine but the benefits last much longer!

Give yourself a timeout. Take 5-10 minutes each day to just be.  No phone, no kids, no work.  Just YOU.  Having this little bit of time will go a long way to aide in your mental health and happiness.

When you have a thought that gives you a little joy, write it down. This will help you learn to notice positives more often, ultimately leading to an increase in happy thoughts.

Turn your music on! Whatever chore you must complete or task you must do, find some music to play in the background that gets you moving and lifts spirits!  I suggest some Latin beats or Hindi music, both make you want to bob your head and move your hips, giving you a little bit of extra pep in whatever you are doing!

Go for a quick walk.  Don’t have time?  Park further away from the entrance and take that time walking in as an extra bit to breathe, train yourself to slow down and enjoy every piece of your day.